Have you gotten rid of visceral fat? How did you do it?

Visceral fat is mainly located within the internal organs, and it’s the most dangerous kind of fat. The reason being is because most of your main organs are around your torso, making you more likely to become at risk of developing serious harmful health complications. Too much visceral fat can interrupt with liver function and disrupt normal hormonal communications between your vital organs.

The great news is that when you change your diet and lifestyle, experiencing a lot of success in blitzing this fat slowly, and decrease your risk of disease, moving you towards great health.

7 ways to eliminate visceral fat, better health and optimal body composition.

  1. Make protein source as low calorie as possible, keeping in mind the level of protein this contains. Protein sources would be seafood and eggs for me personally, as I have chosen never to eat red meat and chicken again due to their high chemical content (even the organic source has chemicals). You can choose to eat chicken breast, turkey and any other low calorie meats. You should limit red meat as it contains quite a number of calories per serving. Only add this source if you are experiencing some weight loss, but not daily.
  2. Make cruciferous veggies a major part of your diet. Use these in your meals and make sure they are the prominent feature on your plate. Choose from broccoli, cabbage, kale, asparagus, Brussels sprouts etc.
  3. Eat salads for every meal. I thoroughly enjoy salads, even in winter. After a while, your body craves these because of their volume of vitamins and phytonutrients. Dress them with apple cider vinegar and a very high quality, cold pressed olive oil.
  4. Eat less carbs. Carbs are not necessarily bad, but when you want to lose some extra body fat, minimising them or carb cycling really helps. When you are cycling, only eat nutritious sources of carbs, such as sweet potatoes and oat bran. These are high in fibre and contain many benefits to your overall health. Leave the white potatoes, pasta and breads out of your diet. They are not necessary and cause an insulin spike, inhibiting fat loss.
  5. Strength train. I always mention this, as it’s very important. Nothing re-shapes your body and boosts your metabolism like weight training. It will change your health and your life for the better. Endless cardio leaves you depleted and flabby. Believe me, I’ve been there. Weights will make you stronger on the inside and outside. Use this to your advantage when on a weight loss diet. There will be no regrets.
  6. Keep things simple and easy. Don’t go over board with experimentation. Just eat the veggies and protein sources you like. There is no point in adding something you don’t like, for the sake of it being low calorie.

    Make your meals enjoyable. Use fresh veggies, sauerkraut, beautiful herbs such as dill, mint, parsley, or even basil. Dress your salads with olive oil and beautiful vinegars, salts and even dried herbs. There are so many simple things you can do to liven up a meal, without it being expensive or time consuming.

  7. Pre-prepare my meals daily. This is so that when I’m hungry, or get home from work, the meal can be eaten or placed in the oven to cook. Don’t waste hours trying to decide what to eat, cutting up ingredients when you are tired. You will be more likely to overeat from extreme hunger, or because you are tired. Pre-plan every week what you want to eat, prepare it the night before, and make sure it’s easy for you to cook or eat.

These tips along will put you along a great path towards better health and eliminating of fat all over your body.

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