One Essential Thing To Use That Increases Your Weight Loss Potential

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Keep yourself on top of those exercise goals the easy way

Nothing is more effective than keeping yourself accountable for those health and fitness goals.
It makes it much easier to take action once you see something tangible to change in your sights, like the scale weight or body fat percentage.
Technolgy may be dangerous on one side of the spectrum, but a powerhouse keeps us moving towards the direction of better health, a lean, happy body that’s disease free!
We all want to stay motivated to keep moving towards achieving our goals — and we can all do that easily.
Researchers from the University of South Australia reviewed 400 studies involving over 164K people worldwide using wearable trackers to monitor physical activity.
Lancet Digital Health published these findings that underline the value of low-cost interventions that tackle a growing epidemic of health conditions partly caused by lack of activity.
These include cardiovascular disease, stroke, type two diabetes, cancer and mental illness.
Researchers were sceptical of these findings because they believed it might fuel obsessive behaviour leading to eating disorders or body dysmorphia.

Well, they were wrong this time!

Evidence of the effectiveness of these devices was staggeringly positive!
Results of this study showed that wearable trackers are very effective across all age groups and for long periods.
In addition, these devices helped to encourage people to exercise regularly and make it an important part of their routine. It also helped set tangible goals to lose weight.
To ordinary people, losing one kilogram isn’t that big deal — but researchers love it!

There is no race to weight loss

Researchers focus on weight because the average person puts on 0.5kg per year, so losing 1kg over five months is significant.
It’s a start towards maintaining a healthier life since over two-thirds of Australians are obese or overweight.
Although fitness trackers help keep that extra physical activity high on the user’s priority list, it also helps to contribute toward weight loss and lower blood pressure and cholesterol in those with type two diabetes.
It also helps other health conditions — as well as your mental health.
Depression and anxiety symptoms show improvement when you increase physical activity.
If you are considering getting an activity tracker, don’t think twice. It’s one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy, increase weight loss and stay healthy.

Here are a couple of best-selling Trackers

Fitbit Charge Five
Fitbit Charge Five
The image is taken from Amazon


Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker with 12 Months Free Fitbit Premium Membership
Months Free Fitbit Premium Membership
Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker with 12 Months Free Fitbit Premium Membership
The image is taken from Amazon. It comes with a free 12 month fit bit subscription.
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