Simple Health, Fitness & Nutrition Hacks Women Need in Their 40’s

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Women become vulnerable to disease as they age and should prioritise these exercises

Throughout my bodybuilding journey, I did a very minimal amount of women’s weight training at a high level.
By high level, I mean it’s not your typical bodybuilder standard — but women who prioritise weight training to stay strong, maintain their body shape and build muscle.
When I was in my 20s, it never occurred to me that lifting weight may be important in increasing my health.
Instead, I falsely believed that cardio was the only way to go. That began to change in my late 20s and early thirties when I decided an athletic and strong body was my calling.
I’m glad I made that transition, and I’ve tried my damndest to get other women to follow!
As women, our bodies undergo many complex hormonal shifts, which never seem to end. I’m thinking about this much more after my hysterectomy and the lead-up to menopause.
Women who aren’t active enough can suffer from a decreased metabolism, brittle bones, and reduced muscle mass and may eventually find it hard to move or coordinate their balance.
We don’t have to let these conditions affect us in such a way.
Studies show that staying active early on can have many positive effects.
Women should dedicate time to being active as it slows physical and mental decline and improves their quality of life.
Starting exercise earlier in life may not have been something you thought about (me too!), but it’s never too late to ease yourself into healthy habits — such as eating better and adapting to some exercise program.
To get to a level where you may build a solid foundation to enjoy the best health and constantly build your fitness levels, the best time to start is today.
That way, you can guarantee a more enjoyable life and are less likely to suffer hormonal disturbances that can decrease your energy levels.

Here’s the best advice for women over 40

It’s not unusual to start experiencing weird pre-menopausal symptoms during your 40s. For example, female hormones can start to dip, which might cause a discrepancy in your energy levels.
A common misconception in our 40s questions the slowdown of metabolism due to age.
It can increase your chances of gaining weight, making it even harder to maintain your ideal shape.
However, a study has denied this false belief.
Your metabolism remains stable throughout your lifetime, apart from in your 60s, when it starts to decline.
But in saying that, if you stay active, watch what you eat and lead a healthy lifestyle — this may not be a problem for you.

Starting on the journey towards a healthy lifestyle will bypass many of these instances

If you have any injuries, they might start to play up. Common culprits are knees and ankles.
Be sure to chat with your doctor or chiropractor before you make massive changes to your workout, as that may inflame your injury.

What you should focus on

Strength is a big deal at this age. It’s important to continually build your strength and increase and maintain muscle to improve your metabolism.
You may not be able to eat the amount you did in your 20s.
Therefore, this is the time to focus on healthy sources of fats to combat inflammation, vegetables for fibre, and of course, protein and some carbs.
Weight training, as mentioned above, is essential in building bone density so you are ready to combat any negative effects of menopause.
Your body’s ability to absorb protein and gut health may also decline. A healthy gut helps us to digest and absorb our nutrients. Include fermented foods and pro and pre-biotics in your diet.
You may not recover as rapidly from your workout as in your 30s.
Listening to your body and placing importance on your wellbeing is essential.
Incorporate enough rest days to recover from strenuous activity, sleepless nights with kids, and any work-related overtime you may experience.


Keep adding variety to your workout but pay close attention to form and ensure you don’t aggravate any injuries.
Focusing on multi-joint exercises like lunges, bench press, and deadlifts is always a great idea at any age.
Perhaps seeking help from a personal trainer may be in your budget — and it will be worth the investment in your health and wellbeing.


Keep away from trans fat and refined foods.
Remember that this aggravates inflammation, may flair up your joints, and cause mobility challenges.
Eat a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and good quality fats.
Veggies will help prevent oxidative stress. This is the time in your life when nutrition is extremely important and will set up some very beneficial habits as you age.

Key takeaways

In your 40s, ladies, it’s’ more important than ever to start taking good care of yourself and make the time and effort to do so.
We are all busy looking after kids and perhaps aging parents.
But your health is your wealth, and you must be your best to look after everyone.
So, don’t only make an effort for your family; do it yourself. You are worth it!

What does exercise do for you?

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