Lose Body Fat by Doing Less & Eating More – Yes it’s a Fact

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According to this PT, you can lose body fat by doing nothing & eating 20% more

This heading may have grabbed your attention — because it seems like a fine idea to do nothing and still achieve fat loss results.
But, even an old-timer like myself would love to do less and keep losing body when necessary.
The problem may be simple if you have been dieting for a long time or have struggled to lose weight.
Our basal metabolic rate is essential for fat loss, but if we keep lowering our calories and increasing our activity — our bodies will eventually reach a plateau.
When we get to that stage, things can get ugly.

Perhaps some of the following May have occurred for you

  • You become frustrated
  • You begin to put on weight
  • You have less energy
  • You’re having trouble focusing
  • Cravings increase
That’s when we begin reverting to our old nutritional habits, which may put us in a worse position than we began.
The more weight you lose, the body bites back by becoming efficient and using less energy than you consume daily to run.
Our bodies then begin the journey towards conserving energy, and our mitochondria become much more efficient.
Our biological evolution is only a natural part of genetic make-up. It was built many years ago to stop humans from death through starvation.
When you start to experience a plateau, eating less and moving more is the worst thing possible.
That will see you moving towards failure than success. So what is the most effective thing you can do then?
It’s called a ‘diet break.’

What’s a ‘diet break?’

A diet break is simple; stop what you’ve been doing for a lifetime and go on a diet holiday!
Now don’t laugh because it works. Not many people use this tool, and it works well.
What you do is when you hit a plateau, you bring your calories back up for a substantial amount of time, say for two weeks, and this is what you continuously do every time you experience a plateau.
Now, I’m not talking about negative food options here; it’s got to be clean, healthy macronutrients that serve your weight loss and muscle-building goals.
As you build your calories for a while, energy expenditure goes up, up goes your mitochondrial efficiency, and then to follow, those much-needed circulating hormones begin to work as they once did.

Expect to sleep better

Another part of the puzzle that begins to work better is our depth of sleep.
When we eat more healthy foods (and halt dieting hard), we lower our cortisol levels, impacting our energy, appetite and fat-burning potential.
These diet breaks for people competing or on a mission to lose weight have been life-changing.
The reason is that when we eventually get to that goal weight, it feels like we’ve not been dieting so hard for so long, as would usually happen.
So it’s a new and more positive experience than your normal dieting regime.
With this method, you can learn, stay lean and eat much more than you would normally do (and be much happier, mind you!). 
Then, this becomes a manageable lifestyle, rather than a long haul filled with dread and non-results.
Who doesn’t want to experience effortless weight loss? I know I do!
So, how do you stop dieting?

Be patient

Think of it this way — don’t rush the fat loss process.
Instead, take it slowly, allow yourself the space to diet, and then not diet during the process.
Then, your results will be much more rapid, and maintenance will occur without much struggle.
All you have to do to get to the sticking point in dieting is increase your calories by 20–25 per cent. It would help if you increased carbs and fats.
As well as doing this, it would help if you dropped the rate of cardio you are doing.
Do this for 1–2 weeks straight, and then return to your lower caloric diet again.

Keep on the lookout for these symptoms, which will be your trigger to stop dieting and start eating more!

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Moody
  • Cycle disruptions for women
  • Men — if you begin to crave food more than sex, this is your sign!
  • Lack of energy
I highly recommend it if you want to hear all this from the coach.
It’s a very good tip for those who are struggling right now.
So now, if you use this method, dieting will become a lot easier, and you will be able to drop body fat faster without detrimental consequences.
I hope this helps you.

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