Can Two Simple Ingredients Melt Body Fat & More?

Cup of black coffee

Hmmm, not sure about this health hack

As you probably already know, I am a massive advocate for hot water and lemon in the morning It’s helped me with digestive issues but also increased my hydration & played a role in shrinking my bloated belly and clearing my skin. It’s one of the simplest & most gentle ways to improve your bowel movement without harsh laxatives. But one thing that’s becoming quite the trend right now is mixing coffee with lemon. The claim is that lemon and coffee have a lot of health benefits, such as melting fat and relief from headache or diarrhea. The trick is to drink your black cup of coffee with lemon-infused water simultaneously. We all know that coffee is one of the most popular drinks and provides several health benefits. We instantly feel a lot more alert and awake, enhancing our mood. On the other hand, lemon is rich in vitamin C and has been used as a natural relief for many ailments. Some people may agree with this bizarre combo together, but science might not be quite as accepting of it. 

One: can it melt off fat when combined

I’m sure a lot of you are highly skeptical of this one. I mean, if it were that easy, everyone would prefer to have this combination attached in the form of a drip in our vein! But I just wanted to highlight here that no drink or exercise can melt off fat just like that. However, the combination of lowering calories over time, eating healthy foods and doing both cardio and weight training will help you lose weight and keep it off over the long term. The only research available for any substance to burn fat is that caffeine could help stimulate the brown adipose tissue. This metabolically active tissue is somewhat inhibited in its activity as we get older. So drinking coffee can help metabolise fat and carbs. Coffee also boosts your metabolism — but not by a considerable percentage. However, I’m a big believer that small changes can add to more significant gains over time — so if you do love your coffee, don’t stop drinking it because it will help your metabolism move along. But only if you combine it with proper nutrition and exercise. But, to clarify — this is the power of coffee alone, not when it’s mixed with lemon too (so you don’t have to torment yourself here). 

Two: can it help me with my headaches?

Some people can get a worse headache when drinking coffee, so be careful of that. Let’s also recall when we missed our morning cup of juice, which may have left us with somewhat of a withdrawal headache. Recently I had surgery, and because I missed my cup of morning glory, I had one of the most shocking headaches — mixed with dehydration. Probably one of the worst combinations around. I suspect headaches would stem from a few missed coffees or dehydration. 

Three: Can you get some relief from diarrhea?

This was an old theory from  mum — God loved her. The truth is that sometimes a cup of coffee can stimulate your need to poo even more — which probably isn’t a good idea when you already can’t stop going. Diarrhea also increases your risk of becoming dehydrated — so do keep drinking more water and lay off the coffee until your symptoms somewhat subside. So, if your diarrhea persists, then speak to your doctor. Sometimes it can be a straightforward reason that’s perhaps diet or stress-related. 

Key Takeaways

Should you even bother to try this out? Well, I would separate these two flavours and have them at different times. Drink your lemon water in the mornings and your coffee during the day — but not for the so-called “melting fat” benefits. Have lemon water in the morning to stimulate your digestion, and help you go to the toilet regularly. It’s also really hydrating and can increase your chances of losing weight — only because water tends to fill you up. Therefore, drinking water can help you lose weight over the long haul. As for coffee, it’s already proven to increase your metabolism — but don’t rely on it entirely. However, it fits in nicely with your healthy eating and exercise. Just remember that too much coffee can leave you wired and dehydrated — so it’s essential to know your limitations. So, don’t bank your results on theories that somehow allow you to bypass the hard work involved in weight loss. Yes, it’s hard, but it’s the journey we all have to take that’s filled with valuable lessons towards growing better habits for long term health & longevity. 

I’d love to know what your funniest weight-loss hack is (please share in the comments so we can have a good belly laugh) 

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