Lose 20% More Body Fat by Doing This one Thing

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How to burn more body fat and achieve your goal faster

According to a study published in the British Journal of nutrition, academics sought to find exercising after an overnight fast. Researchers tried to determine whether this increased appetite and led to eating more food later in the day. Two researchers asked 12 active males to perform some exercise on a treadmill at 10 am, either after they had breakfast or in a fasted state (haven’t eaten breakfast or had not eaten since the night before). After performing their cardio, the participants were given a chocolate recovery drink. Later on, they ate a pasta lunch and requested to consume it until they were “comfortably full.” The researchers tallied the lunchtime consumption of energy and fat was assessed and calculated. They also took into account any energy & fat burning during the morning. 

The findings were compiled, and this is what they discovered:

  • Those that exercised in the morning didn’t consume extra calories or increases in appetite
  • They didn’t compensate for their activities in the morning by eating more during the day
  • Those who exercised in a fasted state bunt almost 20% more fat compared to those who consumed breakfast before a workout

Key takeaways

The research indicates that exercising on an empty stomach helps burn 20% more fat than eating before a workout. Exercise increases the total energy we expend, and a higher amount of this energy is derived from existing fat if that exercise is performed after an overnight fast. Exercise does not increase your appetite, increase your hunger or leave you more susceptible to consuming food later on in the day. This kind of research provides adults with practical guidelines to make the most out of their food consumption and exercise choices and get the maximum benefits of fat loss. So, if you were to choose when to exercise to burn more fat stores, try out exercise when in a fasted state — especially practices like HIIT or circuit training. Eating before training makes more sense if you try to put on muscle and build strength. But, if you want to achieve both, then why not schedule days of fasted training and strength and muscle building sessions to get the best of both worlds. I hope this information helps you along your weight loss journey. Please find the more in-depth study via this link.

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