Why Women Might Struggle More Than Men to Lose Weight

Image of woman eating pink douthit

It’s not all doom and gloom for us ladies

It can be harder to lose weight if you are a woman, and heres’ why

  • We have less muscle mass than men
  • We are affected by hormones during our lifetime
  • Our metabolism slows due to age & activity

The best way anyone can lose weight is by first changing their nutrition. Good old essential vegetables, fat sources, lean proteins and moderate amounts of carbs will always win the weight loss war. Adding in weight training is another must. Women respond well both metabolically and hormonally to weight training. See below for five simple weight loss tips ???????? Supercharge Your Metabolism Every Day in 5 Simple WaysPut these essentials on your list every single day to supercharge your metabolismmedium.com Send love via this ☕️ link.

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