What are the advantages/disadvantages to spreading weightlifting exercises throughout the day? Can this be done and still add mass?

Training twice a day is highly advantageous, if you would like to build more mass and iron out any imbalances in muscular structure that you have. Although it’s extremely effective for this goal, you must keep in mind a variety of things in order for it to be a beneficial, therefore not leading to over training.

There are a few points I’d like to highlight if you want to go down the road of twice a day training, I have done this on many occasions, and speak highly of it regarding adding muscle mass. As a woman, it’s undoubtedly harder to gain some muscle mass naturally, therefore twice a day was a great option, due to my physique show demands. Let me get you started the right way by explaining as many points as I can clearly.

A little bit of history behind twice a day training.

Research suggests that this kind of training (twice per day) is very effective because it will increase neuromuscular function and lead to the recruitment of greater motor units of muscle. This is like training your nervous system to be able to cope with producing force over and over again.

How to get started

When first embarking on the twice a day method, you must ease yourself into it with shorter workout duration, in order for your body to adapt. Begin with 20 minute strength training sessions, spaced out at least 4–5 hours apart. A great method is to train in the morning, and again in the late afternoon or evening. When you have done this for about 2 months, slowly extend your workout time to 40 and 60 minutes.

Please note that longer workouts do not produce effective results. Stick to an hour, and no more on either morning or afternoon workouts.

How to break up your twice a day training

A great method for building mass is by training heavy in the mornings, with a higher rep range. Try doing sets of 4–5 reps in the morning, and higher volume in the evening. This could be within the range of 12–15. If you want to swap your hypertrophy for strength gains, morning workouts should be more in the 1–3 range, and evening would be a maximum of 8 reps. Do swap and change methods regularly, so you can develop the best of both worlds.

Another method is to train the same body parts in the same day. This is really effective if you want to build mass in certain part of your body, that do not respond well to training only once per week. For example, in the morning, always opt for multi joint exercises (like squats or dead lifts) and then single joint lifts in the evening (like leg extensions, leg press).

Now for the drawbacks of training twice a day.

The main concern is that it can increase the risk of injury and over training long term. Twice a day training is not something you should do every day. It’s a great method once or twice a month the most, to really enhance your muscular development. Care and consideration needs to be taken with nutrition. This is not a method that works well when you are intermittently fasting, or do not eat enough volumes or protein. A method for nutrition should be implemented early on, to cope with the intensity of this training.

Another important factor is that over training is very likely to happen if you are not careful. Start slow, and stop this when you feel that recovery is extending beyond what is normal for your body. To increase your daily activity that moves to an excessive level, will not produce optimal benefits. Please always plan your workouts and nutrition well.

I do hope this has helped you somewhat.

I do hope this helps you, and good luck on your journey.

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