What are your best tips to make fat loss permanent?

Permanent fat loss is not as hard or challenging as you may first believe it to be. Many people don’t understand that it’s not just the diet that needs to be in check, but also the mindset. Your mind and what’s going on upstairs on a daily basis, has much to do with your success or failure. Let’s get into some very important ways that will help you a whole lot more along this pathway towards permanent change.

6 important ways to maintain permanent fat loss.

  1. Set your mind up for change
    The first step to making lasting change is to set the commitment in place, well before you even begin your weight loss journey. It’s very important to know why you are doing this and how you will benefit from it. If it’s a health issue, will going back to your old ways hurt your long term well being goals? Finding out the root cause of why you are doing this, will help you along the journey, and well beyond that time. It’s not always so much about looking amazing. A lot of us are pushed into weight loss because of health issues, and that can be a real driver towards lasting change. Keep in mind that changing your eating and exercise patterns, are not something to be handled in a couple of months, this is for life guys. It’s a permanent, embedded change.
    My question to you then is: Why do you want to do this, and keep on doing it for life?
  2. Keep track of what you are eating, even if years go by.
    It’s so important to be consciously aware of what goes in your mouth, without obsessing over it. Do you snack constantly, or tend to drink a bit too much? These can have a very challenging long term effect on your health and weight loss goals. It’s important to know what foods affect you, and in what way. Some people need to permanently abolish sugar or dairy from their diets. Maybe you should determine what foods are causing you the most grief, and give them the flick for good. A good plan of action is to download a particular app, which allows you to quickly jot down what you’ve eaten. If for some reason, you begin to feel a little heavier, or your clothes get tighter, you can refer back to what happened to make you feel this way.
  3. Be consistent with your proper eating routine & food. If you know what keeps your body as trim as you’d like it to be, then you will be aware that it must be eaten regularly. Perhaps this is a salad, or something light for lunch. Whatever you’ve discovered, constantly ensurer that you are eating this way most of the time. We are human, and therefore, having a treat a couple of times a week is fine, or perhaps one take away dinner per week. Just remember that the majority of the time should be spend on diligent eating. That is, being consistent with your food, it’s portion sizes, the amounts of veggies and protein you have. Try not to eat lunch on the run, or in a hurry. Take the time to enjoy your meals and actually digest them properly.
  4. Limit processed foods and sugar. This one is a given in any diet. Processed foods and sugar are nutritionally void, meaning they provide absolutely no nutritional value at all. They are a waste of time to chew, and it’s basically only for the pleasure of the limited taste. They are also very addictive and cause a cascade of health habits. You want to try and avoid these as much as possible, opting instead of whole foods and real items, such as apples, bananas etc.
  5. Weight train. Once you decide to move towards the weight training pathway, you’ll never look back! The changes in your body will be beyond amazing. You can actually go so far with weight training alone. It will reshape, recondition your body, make you look and feel physically stronger as well as give you a lot of mental grit. There is no better feeling than constantly lifting heavier weights.
    Weight training also boosts your metabolism, making it easier to consume more calories than you normally would, without the negative consequences of putting on body fat. Weight training is something that should be done on a weekly basis, 3–4 times, and kept up with for life. We all need muscle on our bodies for optimal functioning. Make it a priority to build your’s, no matter what age you are.
  6. Even if you exercise, keep moving. Movement is so important, especially if you are looking for permanent weight loss. Although walking is not as effective as weight training, it provides another system to work with, in order to work towards the success of our goals. Use walking as a stress relief, or perhaps use your feet instead of public transport, or the car. It’s a nice feeling knowing you are not only helping your waistline, but the environment as well.
    Getting your body into more movement will help you be a lot more healthy and live a longer life. All it takes is to get up of the chair or couch, and go about your daily life. Use walking as a means of de-stressing and de-cluttering the mind. We all need a little of that sometimes.

I do hope this was somewhat helpful for you.
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