Is it okay if I split my workouts throughout the day?

I’m going to assume you are speaking of twice a day training. This method is one of the best ways to increase hypertrophy, strength and endurance, and in the safest way possible. This method must be done correctly in order to get the best possible results.

Research has suggested that twice a day training is so effective because it will increase neuromuscular function and lead to greater motor unit synchronisation so that the nervous system is able to co-activate numerous muscle groups to produce force quickly over and over.

From a personal point of view, I took on this training method when in preparation for physique competitions years go. Because I had a short period of time to accumulate muscle, I used this as a means to get there just a little bit faster. Because it broke up my workouts during the morning and evening, I was able to allow rest and recuperation in order to perform the exercises in the most effective way possible, and that increased my muscle mass, without being subjected to injury – as sometimes overtraining is known to increase.

To get the most out of twice a day training, you must ease into this method with shorter sessions, so you allow enough time for your body to adapt. Start with 20-minute workouts that are spaced four to six hours apart. Work up to 40 and 60-minute workouts. If you increase your workouts to a longer period, it will become counterproductive and will lead to overtraining. Please don’t think that more is going to be effective – it won’t be.

Try this on for size. Work out heavy in the mornings – using higher reps. Sets of 4–6 is very effective. In the afternoons/evenings, perform sets of 12–15. If your main aim is to build strength, morning workouts should be in the 1–3 rep range. That means your weights should be extremely heavy. Then in the evenings, aim for maximum lifting capacity for 8 repetitions.

One of my most favourite methods is to train the same body part twice per day! Yes, this is tough indeed, but awesome if you have body parts that are lagging in development and need some extra care. You should aim for multi-joint movements in the morning (deadlifts or squats) and then single joints in the evening (leg press, extensions, calf raises etc). This is by far my most favourite method. I urge you to try this method out and see how it works for you.

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