5 methods to reduce muscles soreness and increase recovery

Delayed onset muscle soreness is really annoying, especially since we’ve all been forced into lockdown without the means of a gym. Getting back to business means nursing some very sore muscles, which can be frustrating.

We all want to progress as fast as we possibly can. I don’t know about you, but I have goals I want to achieve, and taking 3 months away from achieving them, has somewhat stalled my progress. I know I’m not alone, and there are some great ways we can combat this. Here is my list of tips that can reduce muscle soreness, accelerating recovery.

5 methods to reduce muscles soreness and increase recovery

  1. Cook with ginger. Consuming 2 grams of ginger reduces inflammation that coincides with intense muscle damage, according to recent studies. Ginger is said to have properties which mimic NSAID drugs, to reduce muscle pain but without the negative side effects on your stomach and liver. Use ginger in your tea, water and food regularly.
  2. Caffeine. Perhaps you did not realise that caffeine is one of the most effective methods for reducing DOMS. 5mg per kg of body weight pre-workout has been shown to significantly reduce muscle soreness and enhance your training performance as well. 5mg is about 2.5 cups of coffee, which is probably a lot for some people. Even having one cup will aid you.
  3. BCAA. I love this supplement and use it pre and post-workout. This increases protein synthesis and reduces muscle breakdown, conserving tissue during intense training. Use it and see the difference it makes to your training.
  4. Topical menthol (peppermint oil). Menthol has a cooling sensation on the skin and has been found to reduce muscle pain. I use peppermint oil on my sore muscles and it provides some wonderful relief. Just a side note on this, menthol reduces pain but does not enhance recuperation. I would say that using a topical method, as well as some form of supplement and natural remedy as above, can help in more ways than one.
  5. Training more often. Because most of us have gone back to the gym after a prolonged lockdown period, we’ve not had the luxury of a home gym. Therefore now we are free to use the gym facilities often, make it a habit to train regularly so that your muscles become accustomed to the intensity, force and duration of the exercise. This will take a bit of time, but it will happen. Just make sure you do not take long breaks away from training so that you do not experience heightened soreness and inflammation.

I do hope these tips and tricks have helped you. I recommend using then in conjunction with one another, to ensure you have the most comfortable transition possible. Internal and external remedies help complement one another and one should not be dismissed for another. If you want to know more about training, or would like to increase muscle mass and lose body fat, please feel free to connect

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