Why am I losing body weight but my shape is not changing?

The main reason why people lose weight but do not change their body shape, is they are doing the wrong kind of exercise (or none at all).

Changing your body shape, gaining strength and muscle mass or even ‘toning up’ requires some committed effort and education in weight training and nutrition. People always ask for the fastest way of doing this and I’m sorry to say, there is no fast way.

Changing your body shape, in the beginning, maybe a very stacked process. That means, the changes accumulate over time and probably become apparent in a month or two. If your diet and exercises are on par, then this may take less time. Beginners or novices always experience the most profound changes.

But there does come a time when the progress stalls a but. The body stops changing so rapidly and you need to put even more of an effort to experience changes. This is where we transition from changing our body shape to challenging ourselves on the inside, to reflect that outside on our bodies. This is where the real passionate people thrive.

The nature of changing your physique means you will be continuously challenging your body by lifting heavier weights and exerting a whole lot of energy. I absolutely love this process more than anything else. Imagine those profound changes that develop within your self believe! Think about the months beforehand when you did not even believe you could perform a deadlift at a certain weight or an unassisted chin up! These are what make those initial first steps in training, all the more worthwhile.

You will never know what you can accomplish as you get better and better at this. You will never know how much you can transform your physique unless you take the first steps.

Just remember that losing weight is just one of the steps to changing your body shape. Going beyond that is where the magic begins. Your goals start to change and you pivot. Now, it’s not only about your body shape.

I always ask clients what they want from this journey? The reason is that I like to touch base with them after the goal is achieved, to remind them of how far they have come since starting. I want you to do the same, to see how far you have come since you started because this is just a natural and forward motion for you to begin the weight training journey.

The moral of this story is that I see you as a person who will move ahead with weight training and thoroughly enjoy it, not only for the physique changes but the inner shifts you will come across. Please do move ahead in making that wonderful transition and feel free to share your journey with me. I always love hearing about everyone experiences.

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