Sharpen Your Mind 24/7 By Including These Key Foods Daily

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Being forgetful or lacking sharpness in your thinking can significantly impact your life.
For example, I find it frustrating when people do not remember what I’ve discussed with them — let alone when I walk into a room and forget why I went inside!
Although that doesn’t happen to me a lot — there are certain moments when I go somewhat ‘blank’ in thought, especially when under great stress (as in an exam) or perhaps before a very important event.
Sometimes you can’t help feeling this way.
There are certain things we eat that can aggravate this problem, as well as limit our quality of life. Maybe it could cause some embarrassment!
Imagine you are in an important work meeting and forget your boss’s name — and you’ve worked in that company for years! It can and does happen.
The good news is that you can combat this by making a few small tweaks to your diet.

You can make these simple tweaks to your diet

It’s as simple as eating powerful foods that enhance your psychological health rather than weighing down with the rubbish junk foods may bring
A survey published in the British Journal of Nutrition studied over 428 adults in the UK, their relationship between consuming fruit, vegetables, and sweet and savoury snacks, and how that impacted their psychological health.
Researchers looked at demographics, lifestyle factors like age, general health, and exercise.
From these factors, researchers found that both nutrient-rich fruit and nutrient-poor snacks appeared to be linked to psychological health.
There was also no direct correlation between psychological health and eating vegetables.
Based on the findings of this survey, the more fruit a person ate, the lower they scored in depression and higher for mental health and wellbeing.
These findings were independent of fruit intake quantity.
Those served who ate more nutrient-poor savoury foods (like potato chips) had a higher instance of everyday mental lapses, with lower mental wellbeing.
In addition, greater lapses were associated with higher anxiety, stress and depression symptoms and lower mental wellbeing scores.
Mental lapses can be classified as forgetting where you put things, forgetting why you went into a certain room for something, or not being able to retrieve colleagues’ names instantly.
First, however, the name is on the tip of your tongue! Haven’t we all experienced episodes like this before?
Well, it’s not your brain that’s faulty — your right nutrition choices play a HUGE part in those memory lapses.
So I’m not surprised because when I decide that I prefer to eat crap, the same things happen to me.
Very little is known about how diet can affect mental health and wellbeing.
Whilst this survey didn’t go into any in-depth findings, it did uncover a suggestion that frequent snacking on nutrient-poor, savoury food might increase mental lapses, which reduces your psychological health.
We need to find out which fruit and veggies or research the effects by which we separate them.
Then we can become much more specific about what nutrients help with psychological health.

How can you change this around?

Picking the right snacks will make a huge difference to your psychological health.
For instance, it suggests in work meetings or gatherings that a fruit bowl is supplied rather than pastries and snacks containing high sugar and refined carbs.
Or, perhaps it could be something you do regularly.
For example, instead of buying a packet of crisps or savoury processed snacks — eat a banana or an apple instead.
Combine it with some healthy almonds or a selection of raw nuts.
Watch that brain fog disappear!

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