You Might Be Shrinking Your Brain With This One Way of Eating

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What you eat doesn’t just add size to your body but also diminishes your brain!

I have written many pieces on the dangers of eating the wrong foods.
But unfortunately, we have so many diseases to choose from these days; it’s only a matter of time before one happens to strike.
I fail to mention the effect foods have on our brain regularly.
Dementia and Alzheimer’s are popping up in astonishing numbers.
What we eat not only increases our body’s susceptibility to disease but also affects it on a neurological level. Our brains take just as much of a hit as our bodies.
In this study, the mice were randomly allocated to a standard or high-fat diet for 30 weeks at eight weeks.
Food intake, body weight and glucose levels were monitored, as well as glucose and insulin tolerance tests and cognitive disfunction.
Mice on a high-fat diet put on a lot of weight, developed insulin resistance and began to behave oddly as opposed to those on a normal diet.
Mice genetically modified to experience Alzheimer’s disease significantly deteriorated in both cognitive and pathological changes when fed the high-fat diet.
Mice with impaired cognitive abilities were also more likely to gain excessive weight due to a poor metabolism initially caused by brain changes.
Those who are obese become 55 per cent more likely to develop depression, and if you have diabetes, that risk doubles.

This is urgent

There is a dire need to develop some way to address the obesity epidemic.
When you put together an older individual, who is obese and has diabetes, they are more than likely to decline in cognitive abilities as time progresses.
This could rightly lead to Alzheimer’s disease and or other mental disorders.

What can you do?

The simplest yet the least easy thing you can do now is to eliminate processed and high-fat foods from your diet.
It will be hard when you start — and easier as you keep pushing on.
Keep it simple by focusing on whole foods, vegetables and fruits available in season, as they will be much more cost-effective.
It may take a bit of getting used to — but begin cooking from home.
There is no simple cure right now, but we have to take control by using preventative measures, keeping our food simple, and becoming inspired by nature and the season.
Whole grains, fibre, lots of veggies, low-fat protein sources and exercise are all key to a healthy life and a better functioning brain.
We have one body, and we all need to take care of it well for it to take care of us by not succumbing to disease.
Of course, that starts with lifestyle, good food and lifting weights!
Keep your body and brain healthy by feeding it what it needs — and staying away from foods that decline your body, brain and life energy.

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