One Delicious Fruit You Must Eat That Manages Obesity and Prevents Diabetes

One Delicious Fruit You Must Eat That Manages Obesity and Prevents Diabetes

The one fruit I love to eat constantly -and you should too!

Lettuce may be long gone (or too expensive), but my beloved fruit is still around. Although it’s also costly, I see nutrition as the critical element in these precious fruits that surpass the money I pay for every one of them. I eat mine with everything — I don’t need an excuse to add it to breakfast, lunch or snacks (seeing as I don’t eat dinner much). My daughter loves them too. During safety testing amongst humans, researchers found a compound that inhibits a cellular process that typically leads to diabetes. The substance is absorbed into the blood without adversely affecting the kidney, liver, and muscles. The secret fruit I’m talking about is our much-loved avocado! Unfortunately, one in four Canadians is obese and suffers from a chronic condition that causes Type 2 diabetes. If you are insulin resistant, your body cannot correctly remove glucose from the blood. Complications can occur when mitochondria — our energy powerhouses in the body’s cells, cannot burn fatty acids completely. What usually occurs is that fatty acid oxidation allows our bodies to burn fats. Obesity or diabetes hinders that process, which can lead to incomplete oxidation. Researcher’s found a molecule that’s only apparent in avocados (Avocatin B), which counters complete oxidation in skeletal muscle and the pancreas to reduce insulin resistance. A study based on mice uncovered some significant findings. Mice were fed high-fat diets for eight weeks to induce obesity and insulin resistance. Over five weeks, researchers added avocatin B (avocado) to the high-fat diets of half of the mice. Mice treated with avocatin B weighed significantly less than those in the control group, showing slower weight gain. But, what’s more, important than the weight gain, those mice were shown t have greater insulin sensitivity. As a result, their bodies could absorb and burn blood glucose and improve their insulin response. And this all occurred in the mice fed a refined, high-fat diet! While this may have only occurred in mice when humans were given avocatin B supplements that ate a westernised diet, they also experienced similar results. In addition, reductions in weight were also apparent — although not statistically significant. Researchers safely gave humans the correct form of avocatin B in supplementation form — a plan for further trials in treating metabolic ailments in people. The pill used in this human experiment was approved in 2020 and is supposedly sold through SP nutraceuticals inc. Unfortunately, eating avocados alone will be ineffective, as the amount of avocatin B varies in every avocado, and it’s still not fully understood exactly how it’s digested and absorbed when you consume a whole avocado. What is certain here is that a diet that includes avocado won’t harm your weight loss chances or your health and longevity. Add some exercise into the mix, and you have a match in heaven. There is no magic cure for diabetes or obesity — but it all starts and ends with nutrition. I will continue to eat avocado because I love the taste, and it’s incredibly healthy. This finding may be revolutionary for those who are obese and suffering from diabetes. Who loves avocado, and how many times a day do you eat it? 

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