Burn Body Fat, Reduce Appetite and Lose Weight With Two Methods

Burn Body Fat, Reduce Appetite

What If I told you that science is making leaps and bounds to combat obesity?

Obesity is widespread — we can’t seem to find out how to solve this problem. Food is used and abused by many people in so many ways for years at a time, which can cause many health problems — no matter what age you happen to be. Bodies that are obese have to work harder to perform everyday functions, and eventually, it begins to wear out and show signs of disease. Unfortunately, it takes a blood pressure, diabetes or heart problem to stop some people from abusing their bodies with the wrong foods. As simple as it is, exercise and eating well is the key to better health. At this present time, researchers are battling to discover a way in which they can combat obesity and reduce food intake naturally. If that is successful, we could say goodbye to fat gain for good. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is packed into a table form and ready for human consumption in the next few years. Would you take a pill that guarantees weight loss while inducing exercise benefits? Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and Stanford School of Medicine have identified a molecule in the blood produced during exercise that can effectively reduce food intake in obese mice. Professor Dr Yong Xu and some researchers analysed blood plasma in mice following intense exercise on a treadmill (running). A molecule of interest is called Lac-Phe. This is synthesised from lactate (lactate is a by-product of strenuous exercise, which results in that overwhelming burn in your muscles). Mice were given a diet to promote obesity (by feeding them a high-fat diet) and then a dose of Lac-Phe. Researchers found that Lac-Phe reduced the mice’s appetites by 50 per cent and did not affect their energy expenditure or movement (which generally results when we reduce our food intake).These mice were consistently given Lac-Phe for a further ten days. Results consisted of a further reduction of accumulative food intake and body weight, with an added improvement of glucose tolerance. Another enzyme called CNDP2 was identified that involved the production of Lac-Phe. Mice lacking this enzyme did not lose as much weight when exercising as the control group on the same exercise plan. Another exciting discovery was exercise’s power to induce Lac-Phe in racehorses and humans. Data from human research showed that sprinting had the most dramatic increase in Lac-Phe, followed by resistance training and endurance. This information is key to understanding what exercise strategies would work best to assist people in improving their health. It may also help provide an alternative for people who cannot exercise this way. For instance, old and frail people may not be able to exercise enough to gain these benefits. One day, they may benefit from taking a medication that slows down age-related degenerative issues (like osteoporosis, heart disease and other conditions) and provides the necessary benefits that exercise triggers. And then we have the added benefits of naturally reducing our appetite whilst sustaining our energy levels and expenditure. If scientists form a pill of this kind, it might revolutionise the weight loss and longevity market. 


Key take away

The big question is, would you take a pill like this if you could? At this present time, I would not take it, but as I age, who knows. I hope that all the hard work I’m doing to maintain my body weight and accumulate muscle will help me over the long term. In saying that, researchers have indicated that sprinting and weight training are two of the best ways to induce the benefits of Lac-Phe. Triggering Lac-Phe this way seems better than taking it in pill form. I believe if we want the benefits, then these are the top exercise we should be taking the time for regularly. People who can’t exercise will benefit by using Lac-Phe as a pill. What are your thoughts about this revolutionary find 

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