Fermented Foods Can Turn Your Health Around Today

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It doesn’t matter where you get this nutrient — you need it daily

Turning your health around is a matter of deciding to do so — no matter what.
For most of us, following a healthy eating plan and taking on some form of enjoyable exercise is second nature.
If it were easy, we’d not have as many life-threatening diseases taking over.

Why aren’t people doing more about it to better their health?

My theory is that habits are hard to break.
However, I know that when a fatal health diagnosis looms, that will be enough motivation to change your ways.
But why allow a disease to take away your life in the first place?
Why not take your health and life into your own hands?
We can all do this by making simple changes.
Change one thing today by adding a key nutrient to improve your health.
But it’s not going to happen overnight — it needs repetition daily.
The good news is it’s easy.

One nutrient that can change your life

Have you heard of something called fermentable fibre? Well, it’s something your gut needs, and it helps your gut microbes and the cells of your intestine to stay healthy.
We need a healthy gut to thrive, keep disease at bay and eliminate our chances of developing certain cancers.
It’s quite sad that the average American only eats 20–40 per cent of their daily fibre recommendation.
This is believed to be the root cause of many common health problems, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders and colon cancer.
Don’t worry; I’m not going to as you to go vegan or vegan on me or eat lots of kale chips as a snack (although that wouldn’t cause you any harm at all!)
You need to get some fibre in you!
But what kind of fibre is beneficial?
What will give you the best results?

What the research says

Researchers decided to test this by examining the microbes of study participants fed three different kinds of supplements in different sequences.
These were inulin, dextrin and galactooligosaccharides (in case you were interested!).
Of those 28 participants, the ones who consumed the most fibre beforehand showed the least change in their microbiomes.
You don’t need to take supplements — but if that helps keep you accountable, then do so.
A fibre-rich diet provides many healthy microbiomes, including plants like beans, leafy greens, and citrus.
You might even want to go even further and eat fermented foods too.
Does this seem easy enough to follow every day?
Let me know if you’re committed to adding more fibre to your day and what kind suits you.

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