One Method That Can Help You Lose Weight & Keep it Off For Life

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Here’s one method that helps you overcome unsuccessful weight loss attempts

I won’t lie to you — it’s hard to shed those pounds.
No matter how much weight you lose, it can get tough during certain times. Some people find it a lot more difficult than others.
Although caloric restriction is the only thing that works for weight loss — it isn’t quite clear for many people.

Where people get it wrong

Most individuals assume eating less and do not look at the quality of food that will give them the ability to sustain lower caloric nutrition.
Usually, people rush toward a 1200-caloric diet which isn’t something you’d call sustainable.
It doesn’t matter how enthusiastic you are about weight loss — those numbers are hard to live on for life!
To understand the key fundamentals behind weight loss & maintenance, a different body of research is required.

Here’s what worked – according to research

For this one, researchers looked over 228 files, ad 20 of those were women who were obese and had gone through a supervised exercise program.
That consisted of 18 progressing sessions using treadmills and weights thrice weekly for six weeks.
All women received AI machine learning to analyse skeletal muscle.
Results from this close observation uncovered that exercise preferentially improves skeletal muscle metabolism and enhances weight loss capacity for individuals with obesity who were classed as ‘diet resistant.’

What does this mean for you?

Diet-resistant individuals are obese and have great difficulty losing weight through food.
The message from this research is clear as day: If you are diet resistant, you are in a unique group that requires exercise for weight loss.
I must be in that group too! Weight loss never worked for me without exercise.
Obesity is an epidemic that’s magnifying in numbers every single year.
Not only is it bad for your health, but it also brings about chronic disease onset.

Obesity is getting worse every year

To give you an idea of how bad obesity has become — In Canada, two out of three adults are overweight or obese (to the statistics of Canada).
Dr Dent, the founder of the Ottawa Hospital’s weight management clinic, mentions that when looking at a large group of overweight people trying to do so, they don’t respond well to exercise.
But, now, researchers have found people in the diet-resistant group do well with exercise.
These findings tell us that when obese individuals don’t respond well to dietary restrictions, they should be encouraged to engage in physical activity and their dietary restrictions too.
Each person has an accustomed set of genetic limitations.
Some very fortunate people respond so well to the food that they don’t need much exercise.
But, it’s important to integrate diet and exercise to attain better health throughout your life. Some individuals respond better to both or either one.
So, if you are currently overweight and experiencing limited results with diet — move over to cardio and weight training four times per week and give that some attention for a few months.
To increase your chances, eat a whole-food diet — preferably the Mediterranean diet and see how much your weight loss results in fast track.

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