Fermented foods – Four reasons why you should eat them every day

Fermented foods

Boost your gut health with an infusion of fermented foodsFermented foods are gods gift for our hungry gut microbiome!

These wonders of nature are highly rich in probiotics, which our body desperately needs.
Incorporating fermented foods is so easy and simple. Think of it as adding dressing to your salad or salt to your foods.
Fermented foods have this magical way of enhancing the flavours on your plate whilst providing your gut with exactly what it needs to help support you every day.

Why are fermented foods so good?

Our gut health is more important than people realise.
Beneficial bacteria in our gut help improve our health and digestion, boost our immunity, and help us lose weight.
In addition, fermented foods have neuroprotective effects, including reduced cognitive deficits in the elderly.
Here are four more reasons why you should eat fermented foods regularly.

One: They boost immunity

We could all use a boost to our immune systems.
Most of our immune function stems from our gut, where microbes signal immune cells when a pathogen is present.
Friendly bacteria in your gut help your immune system react and respond to any threats sooner.
Fermented foods help boost this function and reduce colds and flu.
Don’t forget that antibiotics can further decrease your gut health and make it even harder to combat other cold and flu occurrences (I speak from experience!)

Two: They help improve your digestion;

Good bacteria in your gut help absorb and assimilate nutrients in your body.
Fermented foods provide your gut with sources of good bacteria and prebiotics.
The good bacteria colonies in your gut require prebiotics.
So, when you eat more fermented foods, you feed the good guys and help them grow in numbers.
Long-term benefits include preventing digestive ailments, disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

Three: They have added nutritional value

Foods used in the fermentation process already have nutritional value — but think of fermentation as adding even more value.
What fermentation also does is block lectin, which is an anti-nutrient.
In addition, those little microorganisms responsible for fermentation create enzymes that help your body absorb nutrients found in the food — which is a bonus if your gut already struggles to absorb nutrients.

Key takeaways

Eating fermented foods daily will slowly help populate your gut with good bacteria to help fight off debilitating health conditions, colds, and flu and keep your mind sharp and your body healthy.
So, do take a probiotic supplement and prebiotics; both are required to create harmony regarding gut health.
Do you eat fermented foods daily, and what’s your favourite?

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