An Easy Diet Plan & Five Ways It Might Work For you

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Only for those who want serious weight loss results

Dieting was on my mind for many years after my show prep ended.
Due to the extreme nature of this diet, I was left with a lot more weight gain than expected — but the worst part was that it just didn’t seem to budge.
Everything I tried (well, at that time, I assumed it was everything) didn’t work, so I know the frustration of wanting to look a certain way yet failing at every attempt.
It wasn’t until I tried fasting that things started to turn my way for the better — and I have been fasting ever since.
When I first began, I had a mission to lose weight, but I also had a wedding looming.
I wanted to fit into a particular dress and look like my athletic self. In addition, I wondered how to take fasting to another level and fast-track my results.
The answer was easy, although the method was challenging!
I embarked on the journey to becoming a so-called “warrior.”
A warrior is a different terminology for intermittent fasting that supercharges weight loss.
Using the Warrior method is simple. You spend 20 hours not eating and have a four-hour eating window.
Now, that’s pretty short in comparison to eight or ten hours.
This method helps build your mental and biological resilience while improving your hormonal profile. Think of it as an enhanced fasting method.
Not only is the warrior diet popular, but it’s been known to help with the following:

One: It enhances your cognitive function

Cognitive enhancements are one of the biggest changes that occurred for me.
I was no longer plagued with the dreaded ‘brain fog’ and could recall and retain information better now than in my teens!
Although much research has been conducted on animals, restricted feeding windows seemed to starve off harmful effects on cognitive function and Alzheimer’s disease.
Although human studies haven’t been conducted yet, if you try fasting, pay close attention to your memory and cognitive function.

Two: It helps you to lose a substantial amount of body fat

One of the first intentions to start fasting is for the fat loss benefits.
Paleo and keto diets do their own thing and work well for many people.
Some literature supports the claim that fasting is much better than most diets regarding fat loss.
Having one meal a day is a lot more beneficial than several, in some cases.
You don’t have to use the Warrior method daily; a 16-hour fast is also beneficial.
I used the 20-hour method 2–3 times per week, spaced out enough to ensure I consumed the correct amount of nutrition.
The decision you make will be based on your goals.

Three: It helps combat inflammation

Inflammation in our body is categorised into a good and bad type.
Inflammation is good when it helps combat colds and repair muscles.
Bad inflammation triggers the development of cardiovascular disease and much more.
Prolonged fasts help to limit the accumulation of particular disease biomarkers. These biomarkers signal that your body is inflamed and perhaps developing the onset of disease.

Four: It eliminates the need for constant meal preparation

Fasting saves time not only in the kitchen but also money!
Meal prepping takes a long time, especially if you have a family to cook for daily.
There is only so much pre-preparation that can be conducted. That adds a lot of strain to the family meal budget.
Adding in the Warrior diet will mark simplicity, leaving you with a four-hour window and the rest of the day to be productive or focus on something other than food.
Preparing food for your family is rewarding enough. I relished doing this, even though I didn’t eat, and saved my portion for the day after.
There are so many things you could do instead, such as a workout, study or complete a project. Time is precious, and you can spend it doing whatever you wish.

Five: It could be effective in eliminating obesity

As hard as this might be for a non-fasting individual to understand, fasting helps eliminate constant food cravings and uncontrolled eating habits.
Hold tight to this thought because it’s not an overnight process but one that sneaks up on you slowly.
You will notice changes in your appetite and cravings. It’s somewhat of a miracle that I cannot describe, but I urge you to try fasting and experience it yourself.
Although this isn’t backed up by endless study, my experience has helped me understand how powerful this tool is when battling to lose those extra pounds.

Key take away

You don’t have to take the warrior pathway if that’s too much.
Regular fasting does provide many of the benefits stated above.
I used the Warrior diet to lose those extra KGs but then diverted back to my regular 16–18 hour fasts, which worked best for my schedule.
Fasting can cater to anyone’s schedule or goals.
So let it work for your lifestyle, and discover the marvellous changes inside and outside your body.
I’d love to know about your fasting journey, especially regarding food cravings and appetite.

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