As a female how long did it take for you to see changes in your body after adapting a workout routine?

Finding the correct balance between an effective workout as well as an eating plan that caters for it, can become a bit of a challenge. This was initially my problem, as I was pre-conditioned to doing the wrong thing over and over again. Not to mention wondering why I was not getting the results I wanted.

It’s a bit of insanity really – if you want a different outcome, you have to do something different.

I’m speaking from an ex cardio bunny – for more years than I can remember. I know you don’t believe me right now, but until you start implementing weight training with a proper nutritional plan, you won’t be able to get those athletic, toned and shapely results. It’s got to be your diet and exercise program. One cannot surpass the other. The two work in union – I always tell my friends, colleagues and clients this over and over again.

Food plan.

The absolute basics are needed here. There is nothing complicated or difficult about this one. Your nutritional sources should be (from most important) Protein, vegetables, fats and carbohydrates. These should be consumed with each meal, and be the most high grade varieties possible. Use what’s in season, put a preference on organic and grass fed as much as possible, and use only healthy fats, such as olive oil, avocado and nuts. Carbs should not be your main priority. Focus on protein, veggies and fats first and foremost.


A proper and effective exercise program is absolutely essential. Programs need to be drafted according to your body re-shaping goals. You can choose to focus on fat loss, as well as building some muscle, shape and even strength. Hitting all 3 can be done, but if you want to get specific with a goal – that will often lead to success sooner. There is no dabbling here – you have to be as consistent and strict with your exercise schedule, as you are with your food choices and meal preparation.

Resting well.

As you go through each and every workout, so must you allocate time to rest and recuperate from the intensity. A lot of people mistakenly think that the more one exercise, the faster their results will become apparent. This is most certainly not the case at all. You have to rest as much as you train! An athlete does not get their results from pounding the pavement every day. You must adapt the mindset of an athlete, and use their strategies to achieve your own goals. Rest, sleep well, take a couple of days off training, and if you feel sick, take the day off. We all have our bad days, so don’t take it personally, and just get back on track once you become yourself again.

Now for the results

If you do this correctly, results can become apparent in 8–12 weeks. Once you you hit the 30 day mark, results will start to happen, and then there will be the knock on effect of the weight training working it’s magic, in conjunction with the food choices. Slowly over time, you will need to change your program, lift more heavier weight, possibly implement HIIT and tweak your eating plan. We should not allow our bodies to adapt and become accustomed to our nutrition or work out plan. I would personally seek the help of a professional regarding this one.

My journey

When I began training and dieting seriously for physique competitions, I was already very active, and training consistently. The only thing missing was my diet. It was not exactly ideal. Once I began, the changes started happening from about 1 month. This was rapid because I didn’t really diet very much beforehand. For those who have been on restrictive diets before, when you keep on diminishing calories, your body will resist your attempts and diminish your metabolisms potential. Be aware of this, and do not diet for too long. A healthy eating plan for life a more effective strategy, then dieting in excess.

As with anything, it all does take time, and each of our bodies adapt in different ways. My body gains strength and size easily, although is stubborn when it comes to fat loss. All can be achieved, but only when the proper strategies are implemented – for life! We must accept that changing our eating and exercise is something we have to do for life, not for 3 months. So, you have to be in this for the long haul, and be content in doing so.

Patience, consistency and perseverance is needed throughout this process. Set your goals and stay the course. Feel free to contact me if you need further assistance. I have plenty of other blog posts on my wesbsite or join me on fb and insta social standpoints. Please feel free to upvote this answer if it has been useful in some way to you.

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