What are the 5 best exercises that you can do every day to build muscle and burn fat?

When it comes to exercise, there is no one absolute best that can help you to lose weight and build muscle. This also will not become a reality for you if you are not eating correctly. Losing body fat and building lean muscle mass takes time – and most people are in a hurry!

Our bodies do not respond to what we want, they take what we give it, and then respond accordingly. If you know how to lift weights properly, allow rest, recovery and have patience, as well as optimal nutrition – then you have a very good chance of success.

I’m going to highlight the best ways to build lean muscle mass, as well as trim your current shape. It’s full proof and easy to become familiar with it, using it long term to add even more goals to achieve. Remember, this is done with a combination of proper nutrition and exercise – so it’s only fair I highlight them both.

6 top tips you need to know and action, in order to lose body fat and gain muscle…

  1. Use multi joint movements as your key exercise. The key focus of your training, no matter how advanced you are, is deadlifts, squats, bench pressing, pull ups and lunges. These exercises create so much potential for building muscle, strength and losing excess body fat. Each time you get stronger, and lift more, you just get better and better, in terms of your physique. At first, this might take a little while, but one day suddenly, the results become apparent to you, and to others. That’s when the comments about your transformation take place. This is great for your confidence and self esteem. Don’t ever doubt your own capabilities at achieving mastery in these movements. Do whatever it takes to get those skills up to scratch, even if you just lift or squat a 20kg bar. Don’t worry! You will be lifting that heavy 100+ KG metal one day. Be patient, keep going and don’t give up!
  2. Fast intermittently for fat loss and muscle gains. There is a lot of conflicting evidence for this one. Obviously if you are a hard gainer, I would not go down this path. But if you are like the general population that has to watch what they eat, then you will benefit greatly from this. The one key feature of this eating plan is how effective it is at tackling body fat and muscle gain. This is mainly due to the hormonal changes brought about by the human growth hormone. This is key to unlocking your muscle building and fat burning potential – BIG TIME! I’m saying this because I’m experiencing it now, as a female! I keep getting stronger and stronger, and more shapely, diminishing cellulite and shapely.
  3. Allocate 2 rest days, but be active in a moderate and low impact way. Just as one needs to work out regularly, rest days should be a non negotiable for absolutely everyone, especially if you are trying to increase strength and hypertrophy. Your body at rest will start the accumulation phase, repair and regeneration. Without it, you will always look flat and or puffy, due to elevated cortisol levels. You most definitely don’t want to look bloated. But, this will be a reality if you don’t rest.
    Now, just because you aren’t in the gym, doesn’t mean you can’t do things like walk, yoga or meditation. Humans are made and meant to move around, be active. This is all part of your daily energy expenditure, which over the long term, counts towards fat burning.
  4. Don’t dare do excessive, steady state cardio at all. This will hinder any muscle growth, as well as increase bloating and decrease your metabolism. It’s like you are allowing your muscle development to fall through a leaking funnel each time you do extended, long duration cardio sessions, in the hope it will help you melt the fat off! This is just not true! Please, do not waste your time and do this. Instead, opt for 20–30 minutes of HIIT intervals, to really tap into that fat burning potential. These are so effective, and absolutely essential if you want to shed body fat. Just don’t do them every day, only 2 days a week is sufficient.
  5. Focus on the three key macros every day – Protein, vegetables and fats. That means, no refined sugars or ingredients on supermarket shelves. Yes, no more processed garbage going into your mouth. Think, fresh whole foods, lean meats, fish, vegetables, low GI fruits, nuts and seeds. Go back to basics and eat the way we were meant to, before all this convenience food came about.
    Use pure olive oil (cold pressed), coconut oil, avocado, salmon – don’t skimp on the fat either. This is essential for hormones and brain function. It’s also a thermogenic, meaning it burns energy to digest and process.
  6. You must earn your carbs. What I mean by that is, do carbs make you feel bloated? Do they increase your body fat when you eat them all the time? Are you eating the right carbs at the right time? Some people are not tolerant of carbs, therefore, it’s best they eat them in small amounts. For those that train hard with weights, carbs provide glycogen, which is essential for building muscle and recovery. Carbs should be timed around your workout. I prefer mine after I train, to replace lost glycogen. It all depends on your goals for training and body composition. There is no real right or wrong here, just experimentation, patience and execution.

I think these are good starting points for you along the journey. It’s never about one thing, but several different things that all add up to you achieving results. That’s what we all want at the end of the day – results and the body we aspire to have. It can be done! Please keep in touch. I’m here if you need me, and come follow me on social. Click here for my site or my two primary social media platforms right here. Good luck, and upvote this if you found it helpful.


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