Burning calories with low impact movement  – for any age and fitness level

If you would like to choose walking as one of your ways to maintain body weight, then there are a few things you need to become more aware of.

 Walking at a regular and fast pace will help you to accelerate your calories burnt, and you will be able to get a lot more out of your walk, in a shorter amount of time.

To get the most out of your walk, you do have to go the distance. Think about scheduling in 1.6km or even 112km. Yes, I know this is a lot, but think about achieving a more considerable walking distance, within these few ways:


Four ways to increase your walking distance, without eating up your day

  1. Don’t drive or take a bus – get around walking everywhere that you can (and time permits)
  2. Break up your walking during mornings, lunch and then again in the afternoons.
  3. If you have a pet, walk them as much as you can
  4. Walk the long way to get to your destination.

I can exhaust the many creative ways you can go about finding ways to increase your walking times, as well as your step count. But I’d like you to keep in mind that like anything in life that’s done repetitively, you can and will probably get bored. I have some ways in which you can combat this, which may motivate you a lot more.


Five ways to make your walk a lot more exciting!

  1. Listen to your favourite music, motivational books or novels. Learn, explore and get lost in a book while you walk
  2. Listen to meditation or visualisation – it will help you get a lot more grounded and calm and soothing to your soul.
  3. Why not go with a friend, talk, gossip and share a lovely couple of hours in nature
  4. Walk around an unfamiliar place and get lost, looking at beautiful monuments or surroundings.
  5. Why not use this time to go on an extended shopping spree!

If you follow any of these steps, you won’t even notice the time passing, and it will be a lot more enjoyable and realistic for you to do. Your body will begin to crave these adventures. Walking has been my saving grace for years and cannot go a day without a walk in the mornings, lunchtime and evening. The more I walk, the better I feel and the more refreshed I become. It allows me to shake off negativity, and also get the blood flowing through my body again.

 Remember that walking to burn calories should be done at a faster than average pace. You can create your HIIT walking session by power walking for a specific time, then laying off the fast pace. This is an excellent way to push yourself and even result in a jog or perhaps integrate it with some hill sprints. That will get the fat-burning ignited and allow the fire to burn brightly after your workout. I find that If I’m too tired to train in the gym, walking is a great alternative I can use when I feel like recovering but want to be active as well. If you have an office job and find yourself sitting down for long periods, you need to keep a watchful eye on your health. Walking is a great way to start your health journey, without causing any challenges to your joints or overexerting yourself. YOu can build up your fitness and the momentum of a movement. Eventually, you may like to add in other activity. I do hope this has been helpful to you. I love walking, and I recommend breaking up your walks regularly, during the day, as a therapeutic break from reality. You will grow to love and enjoy those moments of solitude.  I hope you found this article helpful and I would love you to upvote it if you did. Please also join me on my various social platforms and do go ahead and download your new year’s resolution pack – which has seven days of free nourishing recipes. I’m also on Instagram

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