6 great things about getting older that young people don’t get

Swapping youth for wisdom isn’t so bad after all.

Most of us do whatever we can to disguise the wrinkles and grey hair — but at least we oldies can efficiently deal with those bits of ageing delights in a discrete way. I admit it; ever since I turned 40, things got a little more challenging for my body. As a result, my abs aren’t as shapely as they used to be; there is a bit of cellulite in all the places I’d rather it not be. I guess there are many things I lost in my youthfulness but gained a whole lot more in wisdom. Who would have thought at age 20 that I would have been feeling this way? But, it’s the experiences along my life journey that‘s lead me here.

There is a sense of peace that comes with becoming older. The youthful bunch have to wait at the back of the line for enlightenment.

Here is what I’ve come by so far that’s been gold nuggets of happiness.

One: We’ve got less time on the planet -so we have to get on with it

Do you remember back in the day when you would waste time? I would watch MTV, daydream about being a skinny dancer with all the guys drooling over my great moves and hot body. I would also go out with my friends on Saturday nights and come home at 6 am — only to sleep for the better portion of Sunday. Being young, I had all the time in the world (or so I thought anyway). Well, now, as you age, life gets a lot shorter, and time is ticking away at the speed of lighting. You have to throw yourself into whatever you dream of doing and hit those goalposts at an insanely faster rate. Of course, that may mean being in an uncomfortable place for a long time — but that doesn’t matter because we’ve done it all before — with the grey hairs and wrinkles to prove it. If we did it once, we could undoubtedly tackle it again. Most young people want it all and in about 60 seconds flat — waiting is boring! What — no party and fun on Tick tock? I think a tantrum is not far off here!

We oldies must be adulting at all times — yet we can secretly have a tantrum when we get home & scream in our pillow. You, young people, have time and youth —that’s two things we lack. But, having wisdom, patience & dedication is our golden ticket to the finish line.

Two: We gain a small family of long term friends

In my youth, I saw a lot of friends come and go. Many people let me down during the times I needed someone the most. It’s an inevitable part of life — but it does suck. However, through heartache, I’ve developed a small handful of true friends that have been there through it all.

I prefer to have those golden friends whom I can count on one or two hands, in which we stick by each other forever — including bookings into the same retirement home. My best friend talked about this since we were teenagers — and promised each other to rock the retirement village (in the hope of not getting kicked out in the process for having too much fun).

Three: We know the need to have a healthy body and mind

I’m not sure about you guys, but I didn’t look after my health as a youth (and I bet kids are thinking this anyway). I would eat junk food, push my body at the gym, and allow myself to take on some torturous diets that didn’t serve me. You pay for that S%#& as you get older (believe me, I’m living proof!). By the time we reach our 40’s the damage may have been done — so we have a lot of healing to do. That might mean eating better, exercising or perhaps adding some things into our lifestyle that isn’t your cup of tea — but essential. One thing we could do is training our minds a lot more. All of us have hidden pockets of memories stored away due to trauma from the past. But, unfortunately, that could be stopping us from becoming the best version of ourselves. It’s just as important to look after your mind as your body. Doing so sets us up towards leading a sensational life. Young folks, look after your health as much as you can — most importantly, your mental health. It will serve you well as you become older and wiser.

Four: We know that slowing down helps us enjoy life more

As a youth, I was always searching for excitement, to do as much as possible nonstop. Of course, I don’t remember half of what I did because I was most likely a walking tired or hungover zombie! Back in those days, I didn’t want to miss out on anything another friend was doing because I felt the need to be included. Now, as time is limited, I am a lot more selective about how I spend my time and sit back enjoying the view! I can’t believe I’m writing that because I tend to overwhelm myself with “stuff” all the time. But learning to become more aware of what I’m doing selectively and slowly, I experience a stress-free existence. Not everything needs to have a “deadline”, and maybe I won’t have the time to do it all. For me, as an oldie, it’s quality over quantity and making the most of each experience. 

Five: Family is the best unit on the planet

As a younger person, I was embarrassed about my dad’s ugly car (whenever he came to pick me up from school) and told my parents to NOT come near me when we were in public. Of course, both my parents didn’t get upset with this, but I was well and truly hurt when this phase christened my teenager (did someone say payback?). After my dad died, and now recently my mum, I realised just how precious these two people were. In my life, they stood by me and supported the things I loved most. Without them, I wouldn’t be here, and I’m ever so grateful they brought me up. My childhood wasn’t unique; we had our ups and downs, but love and acceptance was sprinkled throughout that. So to all you youthful bunch, love and appreciate your parents no matter how embarrassing they may be. One day, they will be gone, and all that’s left are memories and maybe a lot of regrets. It’s natural to think they will live forever — if only that were true. So love them anyway, no matter what, because you wouldn’t be here without them. Take away: All that you’re experiencing now, youthful ones, is not new to any of us. Due to the increases in technology and noise in the world, it changes form and shape. What’s here today is gone tomorrow — but remember this:- Appreciate everything in your life right now, the good and the bad, and learn to make different and more empowering choices as much as you can. Be brave, strong and take on the fighting spirit. There will be a lot of times in your life when you must turn to that for strength. Train it to be your best friend today.

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