How can I enjoy the process of lifting weights?

This is a tough one for me, as I have never had to force myself to like lifting weights! It’s one I can understand completely when starting your training plan. It can be a little daunting and overwhelming, especially when you see muscle bound men lifting weights in the gym. The weights area can seem mostly off limits to those who are new. Don’t let this reduce your confidence. We have all been through those stage, in our weight training journey.

We all started from step one, and each of us found ways in which we enjoyed the process of weight training a little more each day, until it became a natural part of our daily life.

5 ways to enjoy the beauty of weight training

  1. Become more informed. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when it comes to weight training. If you are not familiar with the processes involved, it can be quite difficult. That’s why I suggest you get some assistance in this area. Hire a coach, personal trainer, or instill the help of a friend that knows what they are doing. Training with a partner can help a lot of people. It will be great for you if you require motivation to get through your session. There is a huge amount of information available online for anyone that wants to research and look through exercise techniques, tempo and the kind of training to perform. We are lucky that YouTube has it all, and then Google has some more! With all this information, a little research is all that’s needed on your part to slowly build up momentum and familiarity with the process. Try it out, and if all else fails, please seek some help from a professional.
  2. Start out small with group classes. When I first started my weight training journey, I didn’t begin in the weights area. I did a group fitness class and began to develop skills and expertise from the continuous repetition, and watching a professional instructor doing all the correct movements in front of me. It was awesome, and in a non threatening environment – mainly with women. It felt safe and empowering. If you have the ability to do this, and can take on a group fitness weight training class (such as Les Mills) please go ahead and start off here. Having some knowledge will help you venture into the weights area.
  3. Be a regular gym visitor. It’s important to keep going to the gym, consistently. Build up a routine and commit to either morning, lunch or evening training. Pick whats suitable and most flexible for your life. Then, decide before hand what you will be doing. Being prepared will leave you with a goal and intention for the time you will be training. Search online for some great programs and try them out. Even if you pick a corner somewhere in the gym, and train there. Don’t be afraid to venture out into the unknown for a little while. It’s all a learning process.
  4. Don’t forget to eat well. When you eat well and exercise, you will begin to see results. For me, seeing results is motivating, and it makes me want to keep on going, pushing myself even more the next day, week and year. Remember that the magic of training doesn’t happen in the gym, it happens in the kitchen. Proper diet is essential for training results – be it weight loss or muscle building. Keep this in mind.
  5. Set goals and keep setting new ones as you tick them off. It’s important to have an intention of why you are exercising, and what you want to achieve. Having set goals, helps you discover the means of attaining them. It’s a powerful tool, and so is visualisation. Visualise what you want to look and feel like. Really plan out your intention for training. It’s one of the best ways to get results, stay motivated and push though any plateaus or stress in your life. Try it out.

I do hope this helps you somewhat. Remember, to set goals, get educated and keep going. You will learn to love training when you start seeing results. It wont be long, and you will wish you had started earlier.

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