Five outdated concepts holding women back from weight training

There are many and mostly very outdated misconceptions about weight training – primarily for women. I want to focus this topic on women, as many of us were subjected for years with these ridiculous and degrading ideas to pigeonhole women.

Five outdated concepts holding women back from weight training

  1. Lifting weight will make you look like a man. The number of times I’ve heard this being thrown around by old and young alike blows my mind. How can a woman (unless she takes the juice) even resemble a man when she lifts weights? We don’t have the genetic or the hormonal structure that men do, to get those kinds of gains. Muscle mass is challenging for men as well and challenging to maintain. Therefore, why would anyone in their right mind think it would be different for a chick? It makes me laugh when a woman once asked me how to tone her triceps, but she didn’t want to ‘look muscular, like a man.’ Well, how are you going to ‘tone’ your triceps if you aren’t going to put some muscle on them, to reshape, tone and sculpt them? I don’t understand why some women hate the look of muscle so much. It’s beautiful and empowering to build and mould your body shape the way you want to. Give me muscles in favour of flab any-day!
  2. Lifting weight is for men only. And why was this concept ever invented? Why would one judge a form of activity to be subjected to men only, leaving out the women? Well, let’s get this idea out in the open. I was assuming in 1900 it was just another way to inhibit women from gaining some power – the power to lift more weight than a man ever could! These days, women can deadlift way in the men’s leagues – and why is that a problem? If that’s what she chooses to do, then so be it. It’s better than leading a life of chain-smoking, drug snorting and alcoholism. If something makes you feel good about yourself, then keep on doing it.
  3. Cardio is the best way to lose weight as a woman. This is why so many women jump on a treadmill and start running, any time they want to lose some body fat. No one bothers to do the research surrounding practical principles for weight loss, and that lifting heavy is far more superior in making the physique changes needed for this transition. Call it ignorance, but the media has a lot to do with this concept. I’ve grown up with the same notion myself – and I think it’s time people begin to change their tone. Cardio is not the be-all and end-all of fat loss – there are plenty of other methods out there to help you achieve results sooner. Unfortunately, a lot of us resort to the most comfortable thing, so we don’t embarrass ourselves asking for advice. Always empower yourself with knowledge, gained by your research, and the ability to bite the bullet and ask.
  4. The weights area is daunting and intimidating for women. They are daunting and intimidating for anyone that hasn’t used them before. It’s only natural to be scared and want to get things perfect before you start. Perfection never happens, and it takes years to master techniques, hacks and also training methods. It certainly helps if you have a talented PT on board. The only way to combat this is to learn more, train more and become an expert over time. No one was born with a dumbbell in their hand; they earned it!
  5. Men know more about weight training than women. Not true at all. There are plenty of men out there who execute poor form in the gym, and that’s their problem. If one is passionate about it, they will absorb and become an expert in that very thing. Never underestimate a woman’s enthusiasm to look and feel great for as long as possible. So many women love to lift weights, and I’m sure we can teach a man a few things indeed! Never underestimate a woman’s knowledge on the subject. I’ll give you a hint on how you can tell – if her body looks like a sculpture, and you see her train as a soldier in the gym, you can pretty much bet she knows a thing or two about lifting weights.

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