The 4 Simple & Valuable Weight Loss Fundamentals Everyone Should Know And Follow

Many people, including myself, have spent many years caught up in failed attempts at dieting. 

The problems seem to arise when we think weight loss derives from something that will make the journey faster, quicker, and effortless. I don’t know of anyone (including myself) that has succeeded in weight loss or building muscle without going through hundreds of failed attempts, hurdles and basically, sometimes not knowing if this is all worth it. But during the phase, those who succeed think it is worth it because:

  • It involved their health, and without that vital part, you can’t live it to its full potential
  • It involved their self-confidence in the way they looked. Perhaps wearing certain clothes to cover up their shame is becoming frustrating and demoralising.
  • It involves kids or family members — a history of health problems and having children propels you with love as a backing to make the much-needed lifestyle change.

Whatever your reason may be, it will transition your life by taking those first initial steps forward. Unfortunately, most people realise all too soon that the work involved in weight loss is challenging at times. Like anything else, experiencing good and bad days is part of the journey. Popping pills and taking meal supplements is not the answer. The honest answer is that we’re all just going to have to do the work involved – not just for a month or so until we lose interest. We have to work hard every day – whether we like it or not and adapted to our lifestyle plan. That’s probably the secret that beats anyone out there. I’ve never taken any magical weight loss pills. Do you know the long term effects of consuming them?No one knows, but regret starts to wash over once those chemicals begin to take effect. The best alternative is to stay right away from them. It’s all a matter of  finding a way to bypass the most fundamental rule of weight loss alone – and that is: It’s a habit you create for a lifetime. That’s pretty much it. No overcomplicating things, no magic solutions — just putting your socks up and doing what’s needed. Perhaps there is too much information out there that is confusing and downright annoying. Yet, everyone is pitching the latest fad available online. So let me bring it down to the basics that have worked for me over the years. I warn you, though, this is pretty basic, and I’ve had lots of experience to back it up— just good old common sense and going through the trenches works wonders for your knowledge bank. 

Step One: Define your goal – keep it in your head, heart and think of it daily. 

Most people set out to lose weight and don’t know why they are doing it. Weight loss is not just about the food you eat – it’s a mindset activity. The mind will either push you towards your goal – or repel your progression. So what are you going to do when the going gets tough? Train your brain today. 

Step Two: Throw out all the junk food, and start from scratch keeping health in mind.

I know this is challenging – but stick with me. Initially, it’s tough to resist temptation in the fridge and cupboard (I’m just telling it like it is), so do yourself a favour and get rid of the stuff that tempts you — replacing it with healthy alternatives. You might have to make your own food or eat natural items for a while. Get your taste buds in on the deal — persist with the change. We would all love a doughnut at the start of our journey rather than a carrot stick. Trust me on this one — allow your taste buds to get used to the new flavours of natural foods — this beautiful food will become your cravings instead of your repulsions. All in due time. 

Step Three: Familiarise yourself with portion sizes and food preparation.

 A lot of people get this one wrong – and I was guilty of this too. Portion size should match your goals. Losing weight and gaining muscle are entirely different things – and require alternate nutritional regimes. To keep things super simple, I always refer to my hand for portion sizes. I’m old-fashioned, and I like to portion out my meals this way. Everyone is different. To give you an idea here goes:Size of palm – protein (think deck of cards)Cupped palm – nutsTwo handfuls – veggiesFist – carbsIndex fingertip – fats like oil, butter, and even nut butter. You don’t have to follow this framework and may be better off weighing and using other visual representations. Whatever works for you. I figured I’d always have at least one hand and could keep an eye out on what I’m eating anywhere and at any time of day. If you want to check out a great bunch of images, go to this page here.

Step Four: Decide on what activities you’d love to do as a form of exercise.

Exercise isn’t the be-all and end-all of your results. What I do recommend is that people DO take on some out for exercise to accelerate their goals. If you want to tone up and get rid of cellulite -weight training and some form of cardio are for you. For those that love the outdoors, perhaps running or cycling is best. How about walking? I walk for miles every day, and I get therapeutic value out of it. You will be surprised at how much of a difference walking makes in your life and enhance your weight loss goals. I’m talking highly of walking because tit gives me great results. I know it can work for you too. The four steps above outline the very fundamentals of weight loss. First, you need a goal; then, you need to change your food habits, watch how much you eat, and work out. That’s it. There are many other different things you can slot in – they will be highly beneficial. It’s good old-fashioned basic stuff that you can start with – and then, as your confidence and knowledge progress – add more.I would recommend anyone new creates a 4–12 week plan to keep the above in mind (Goal, food & exercise plan). See how that progresses, then add whatever else seems appropriate for you. It might take a little bit of research – although it’s well worth it. Weight loss and learning about your body takes years to understand. Actually, it is a journey I’m which you will never quite fully understand the intricacies of your body.  So enjoy the ride, and one day you will realise just how far you’ve come — then you will be amazed that it all started with a couple of simple steps that evolved into an enjoyable, lean and healthy lifestyle

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