7 Ways To Stop Sudden Weight Gain After Age 40 – And Keep It Off For Good

When you suddenly realise that it takes more of an effort to maintain your shape — welcome to your 40’s.

Weight gain as we age is so much more disappointing because it happens too quickly! I remember the bit 4–0 getting closer and closer — and unfortunately, at that time, my clothes were getting just a tad bit tight! I had almost succumbed to all the excuses regarding weight gain and age. Perhaps this was my fate as well. I was better off accepting the pseudo-scientific fact derived from older women around me — or gather my fitting spirit back, knowing that I will be able to fit my legs into those skinny jeans once again. I picked the latter. So I set my intention towards doing this very thing — but not without setbacks and boulders along the way. I had a hell of many limiting beliefs and age-old traditional thinking that needed to be blown away for good. Most of these were, unfortunately, habit-based. I had this inaccurate belief I could still eat and do the same things now at 40 as at 20. But, of course, this is further from the truth! (I was pretending & lying to myself all along!). When we are a lot younger, we can undoubtedly sweep some nutritional blunders under the carpet without noticeable effects, but this can slowly catch up with us in our 40s and beyond. Nothing prepares you for this realisation. You have finally come of age, and it’s time to get serious about fat loss and maintenance mode. And on the flip side, nothing should stop you from believing that you too can still relish in the benefits of a sound nutrition and exercise program. Age is no dismissal of the progression which you can make — from your commitment & desire to achieve that goal in mind.These points will help you along the way. 

Commit to eliminating your bad habits.

Deep down, you know that these habits are causing your health harm, be it smoking, drinking or eating junk food all the time. Now is most definitely the time to confront what you are doing and take the necessary steps to change them. The best way to let go of a habit is to attach a lot of pain to it. This is a modern technique used in NLP. I urge you to seek a professional who can help you abandon any habits that you find highly challenging to do on your own. A good example is installing negativity towards the consumption of smoking. The effects of cancer, chemo and even death. This may not be riveting for a smoker, but putting yourself in the state of a person with cancer, going through chemo or even during the last stages of life is a wake-up call.

That may require a hospital visit, perhaps. As unpleasant as it is, seeing other people who are suffering or regretting their inability to kick the bad habits — will cause you to re-think your own. Maybe it may even change them. The worst regret is not allowing your life to progress that little bit further along — all because of an insatiable thirst for cigarettes. 

Lift weights. I bet you knew I was going to mention this!

Just because you are heading into your 40’s doesn’t mean you need to take it easy at all! On the contrary, building muscle mass and strengthening your bones will serve you well into old age. Building muscle also helps elevate your metabolism, which allows us to eat a bit more and burn a lot more energy.

Let’s not forget how amazing your body will look, with some decent training programs and nutrition. Stacking yourself up for success is using those two combinations in succession.

Protein is key!

As we age, more protein is needed to preserve and build muscle mass. Therefore, shooting for a little more than the average rate (especially if you are training quite hard) is very important. 

I always encourage clients to use their palms as a means of measuring their protein portions. You can’t go wrong if you follow this method.

Don’t shy away from fats.

Snack on nuts (such as almonds), as they lower your risk of obesity and weight gain. Fat also helps to eliminate inflammation within your body. Eating regular servings of omega-rich salmon is a perfect option — especially if you are stuck on eating red meat every day. Fat also allows you to burn more calories, as they are known to be thermogenic. So make it a regular part of your nutritional plan to snack on various nuts, eat high-fat omega seafood, and throw some white fish as a low caloric option. 

Love your gut.

Eighty per cent of our immunity is in our gut! But did you know that your gut is like a second brain? There are many scientific reports on our brain-gut connection, and I urge you to take the time to care for your gut health, especially during the weight loss journey. It can be the difference between weight loss, and the inability to lose weight. Protecting your microbiome is an essential task — especially if you want to stay lean and healthy. Avoid artificial sweeteners, processed foods, and sugars. Instead, get yourself some prebiotic yogurt, sauerkraut and asparagus. All green veggies are great for gut health. Eat them regularly. 

Be active daily.

Even if you are going to the gym every day, you still need to keep active. Try your best not to sit down for prolonged periods.

Instead, have a standing desk at work (or home); go for short or long walks regularly through the day, walk to and from work, take the stairs, take a longer route to your favourite coffee shop. All these things add up to more extensive bouts of activity during the day. You will be amazed to know that these small things are the difference that makes the difference. Incidental exercise is one of the most critical parts of weight loss. Do more of it, and love the weight loss results. 

Drink more water.

Drinking our water quota can sometimes fall by the wayside. However, water is key to maintaining our body temperature, lubricating our joints, and getting rid of wasteful toxins in our bodies. Hydration keeps our brain functioning optimally and increases our athletic efforts. So keep a large bottle with you at all times, sipping it through the day. 

Aim for about 3 litres daily.

Special water tip

If you want to complete a mini liver and gut cleanse in the morning, try this

One: Boil water in a kettle.Two: Pour into a cup with a wedge of ginger, lemon (without the skin), and perhaps some herbs.Three: Let it all infuse the flavours & sip regularly. I like sipping on my lemon infuse hot water whilst I’m exercising. It’s beautiful for re-hydrating your body. It also makes waste removal easier and gentle. If you suffer from constipation — use this as your strategy. Although you may have heard these tips before, it’s easy to start adapting them initially and letting the momentum slip. However, once you start implementing some good habits daily, they will become unconscious competence. The best strategy is to try and practice a good routine for 30 days; in that way, this will become an automatic response, and you won’t’ need vast amounts of willpower to move forward with it. The key to good health at any age is to make an effort consistently.

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