I have lost 10 kg in 3 months. But no change occurred in body shape. I can still feel lots of fat around the organs. Is anything wrong?

Woman who is fit and has a six pack ab to show

Well done, first up, on your weight loss progress.

This is amazing news; you are on your way to better health.

There are many reasons why your body shape has not changed during your weight loss. I’m not sure how much overall weight you have to lose, but as you know, these things do take time. What is written on the scales may take a little while longer to show up on your body.

In saying that, I like to equip people with meaningful and realistic strategies to eliminate body fat and build muscle mass. Combining the two will allow you to reshape your body, as well as diminish those fat stores you have.

One thing I will say about organ fat, generally called visceral fat, is that it’s the most dangerous type of body fat you can have. It’s usually stored in the abdominal cavity, known as ‘active’, because it can influence hormone function within our bodies.

Higher levels of this fat make you more susceptible to diabetes and heart disease. It takes time to get rid of this excess fat, and you are on the right path. Let’s look at other changes you can implement to put yourself in category zero for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Three fundamental ways to remove visceral fat

One: The key is exercise – and the right kind.

Even if you only spend 30 minutes exercising moderately, you have a huge chance of eliminating belly fat. If you want to increase your range of exercise, then my best recommendation is to get into weight training. This will ignite your metabolism and tap into fat reserves for energy. Your body shape will alter, as decreasing your body weight. This will happen in succession, therefore tightening the skin a lot more to prevent any loose skin that some people seem to have after large amounts of weight loss.

Two: Your diet is key to changing your shape.

It’s really important to eliminate refined sugars and carbs and adapt to a rich, whole-food diet.

Foods like lean protein, cruciferous vegetables and complex carbs are your go-to food sources. If you want to increase your efficiency for fat burning, carb cycle regularly, and get faster results. Think about grilling, steaming and baking foods rather than frying them.

Alternate how you cook your meals regularly, and don’t add sauces with added sugar. Use olive oil, mustard, soy sauce and any other low to no sugar added condiments. These can set you back, as they are filled with refined sweeteners.

Three: Don’t go down the low-calorie path – choose fasting instead.

Fasting is a surefire way to eliminate belly fat fast. For the record, you will burn fat all over your body, reset your metabolism, and greatly decrease your risk of disease, all without having to calorie count and restrict all your meals during the day. The fasting period allows our insulin levels to plummet, increasing our chances of burning stored body fat. This process does not happen via caloric restriction.

Eating fewer calories during every meal leaves your metabolism’s potential diminished and burns muscle instead of body fat to use as energy. Start small, using the lower range of about 12 hours for beginners, then slowly increase to about 20–24 if possible. Don’t worry; you will not be susceptible to binge eating. This is a myth, and I guarantee you will be eating a lot less than you think – despite not eating for long periods.

Despite these methods, you must allow your body to take the time needed to implement these changes. This can take several months to a full year. However long it does take, hang in there, and keep working hard in the gym and with every meal you consume.

One day (I promise), it will happen, and you will be completely overjoyed that you will stick with the plan.

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