7 ways for the over 50’s to boost Fat burning

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Hormones are crucial to staying young and lean well into old age

Hormones play a massive part in our quality of life, as well as gaining muscle & losing body fat. Hormones can either make you feel unstoppable and high after a workout or low on energy and unable to progress effectively whilst training. It may even mess with your overall zest for life. Optimal hormone levels are essential to losing weight and staying lean for life. It takes a few different habits to get your body working for, not against you. Studies have shown no definite evidence that artificial growth hormone treatments work. I should know because I used them for a short period. You are far better at increasing your growth hormone potential through diet, lifestyle and sleep. In addition, it’s cheaper and a lot easier! 

Here are seven ways to get you started on the right path

One: Proper meal planning, placing protein as a priority

Protein-rich foods are satisfying, but they promote weight loss and the potential to build muscle mass. It also lowers insulin whilst helping to improve blood sugar levels. These foods help promote hormone balance due to their nutrient value. Try to source only grass-fed meats and wild-caught seafood for their nutrient richness. 

Two: Intermittent fasting

Fasting is a great way to increase your body’s own natural growth hormone potential, allowing you to build muscle and burn body fat. It’s one of the best gifts that IF has to offer. GH activates within the fasting period; therefore, the more often you fast, the higher the levels of GH you will experience. Research shows that both diet and exercise are critical to GH activation. I recommend weight training within this period for superior hypertrophy and fat loss. 

Three: Get plenty of sleep when you can

Cortisol increases when we don’t get enough sleep.The byproduct of sleep deprivation is increased hunger hormones and decreased androgens. Glycemic control diminishes when you are sleep deprived; therefore, you will not be able to handle as many carbs. If you choose to eat more carbs (usually, the cravings come from lack of sleep), the excess energy moves straight into your fat cells. If you can allow that little bit of extra sleep by going to bed earlier or having a small nap during the day — it will significantly increase your growth hormone levels. There is a reason behind the saying that you can sleep your way towards weight loss (Perhaps that doesn’t sound so great out of context ????) 

Four: Lift weights and perform Interval training

Anaerobic training (lifting weights) produces the release of many positive hormones, keeping your metabolism active and giving you a positive state of mind. It’s a primary component in the release of growth hormone for improved body composition, improving Estrogen metabolism and testosterone. Men and women benefit from lifting weights — no matter what age. Using weight training and high intensive sprints as a weight loss and muscle building strategy also improves your insulin receptors, helping your body utilise carbs for energy (instead of being stored as fat). 

Four: Make vegetables of high importance — avoid refined carbohydrates

Hormones are affected by refined carbs and sugar. It causes blood sugar spikes, reduces insulin sensitivity over time, and leads to a massive release of cortisol. On the other hand, vegetables are a very healthy carb alternative, filled with fibre (keeping you complete and being relatively low in calories), lowering inflammation whilst improving hormone balance. Therefore, I recommend making vegetables the most significant serving on your plate during every meal. 

Five: Don’t be afraid of adding fats to your diet

Fats provide the building blocks for our bodies to manufacture hormones. It’s also used to make the outside lipid layer of cells. Healthy fats such as avocado, and omega-three rich salmon, improve cellular signalling, making them more receptive to insulin. As a result, fats increase optimal hormones and health. Avocado is especially beneficial for women — as it helps disperse fat in the belly. You can read more on this by clicking the link below: Ladies — Eating This One Thing Can Change Your Abdominals and HealthI didn’t realise just how powerful one humble little thing can give us women such great resultsmedium.com

Six: Manage your stress levels

Cortisol is a critical hormone that increases the potential for your body to store fat and decreases muscle growth in the process. Learning to manage stress is a vital part of the weight-loss & muscle building process. Try to meditate or take a walk in the park. Find something you love doing that can also help lower your stress levels. 

Key takeaways

Increasing your growth hormone potential is no longer an unknown or a goal that can only be attained through synthetic hormones. Fasting is one of the best ways to activate GH, but you can also increase your chances by making time for the action points above. Fasting every day will keep you up at a peak level for fat burning, heightened metabolism and muscle growth. Who could ask for more? 

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