Four Simple Ways to Help Women Lose Weight After 40

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Find out what may be holding you back from weight loss results in your 40s

For many years, I, too, believed the theories that weight loss as we age can become hopeless. Many people don’t understand that your beliefs dictate the results you get in your life. Results won’t change until you alter those beliefs. Although I’m over 40 and did spend a lot of my time going from one diet to another, I now know the real fundamentals of weight loss. It’s got nothing to do with genetics or anything special. The foundations begin with inner belief and determination mixed with a commitment to achieve the things I want. Once you start to build confidence within yourself, it will take shape in many other areas. Unfortunately, it may happen without you realising it. Let’s get you started with some inner work, and I’ll offer you some weight loss solutions as well. 

Three ways to change your belief about weight loss

One: Believe you will find a way

Millions of people have lost weight during their lifetime. If they can do it, you can too! There is not much in this world that we can’t figure out. Perhaps using other people’s experiences as leverage to gain self-belief is a step in the right direction. All we have to do is first ‘believe’ there is a way. Then, we have to put in the work to find it through various means. It might be a personal trainer doing our research or asking those who have achieved success. 

Two: Ask, search and consciously try

The best way to get results fast is to model the people who’ve already achieved something you want. Take them out for a coffee and pick their brain. Seek the answer online, read books or go to forums. All you have to do is get out there trying some options. Taking action on something you want is the first step along your journey. Don’t worry if your first and second attempts don’t move you forward. No one knows what the correct answer is. We find out through trial and error. It’s ok to fail several times. I am living proof that you can diet multiple times and still get to your goal. 

Three: Commit the effort needed to attain your goal

When we consciously intend to make a change for the better, we unconsciously pave the way forward to achieve it. When you fill your mind with questions, such as ‘I wonder what I need to do.’ ‘How can I make this happen.’ instead of ‘I can’t or won’t happen to me?’ You will change your energy and unconsciously seek the answers you need. Try it out. Here are some secret sauce Ideas on how to change your body shape. These are the methods I’ve used to lose weight and maintain my shape. 

Four exercise tips to keep you lean for life!

One: German body comp

I’m going to go a little bit technical on you, but stick with me! If you can master some of these options, you will be ahead of the rest. This kind of training works by stimulating the release of growth hormone, a biochemical produced naturally in the body that helps regulate body fat. If you can prioritise triggering this hormone consistently, your weight loss will become effortless. GBC workouts focus on multi-joint exercises performed at higher reps and shorter rest intervals. This workout may contain 4–5 exercises, performed back to back — taking about an hour to complete. This kind of workout is very much like circuit training, with a magnitude of intensity! 

Two: Slash your rest periods in between exercise recovery

Rest periods serve a specific purpose and support our strength training goals. If you want to lose weight, then shaving a few seconds off those rest periods will give you more of a fat-burning potential. So, cut that down to 30 seconds instead of giving yourself one-minute rest. I know it’s hard, and you probably haven’t gathered your strength enough to start again — but this is what creates that fat burning environment. Use a timer because it’s only natural to cheat if you can. And another thing, don’t talk to others when you do this. Instead, focus intently on your goal, and save the talking amongst friends when you grab a coffee after your session. 

Three: Use two exercises, one after the other

This is my ultimate favourite way to train. You perform two exercises consecutively. Then, when you are done executing the reps for both of them, you rest for about 60 -120 seconds. Then you go at it again. Structure your workout by using two back-to-back exercises, totalling about 4–6 (depending on your time). This is an effective method for weight loss and building muscle simultaneously — that’s why it’s my favourite method! 

Four: Tempo alterations

The tempo of movement means the time it takes for you to lift and lower the weight. That also applies when you squat. The time it takes you to lower yourself down and get back up again. It’s essential to pay a lot of attention to your tempo. That will signify how much tension the muscles receive from the weight — and that’s the secret sauce for triggering fat burn and muscle growth. You can do eccentric (lowering) or concentric (lifting) movement workouts, recruiting different muscle fibres. To give you an example, let’s use the biceps curl. Instead of focusing the tempo on the lowering movement, swap it out and focus on the lifting motion. You slowly lift the weights and quickly bring them down; keep that up, and feel the burn! I’ll make the diet aspect super easy, cheap and effective. I recommend intermittent fasting to you. 

Here are six reasons why I love Intermittent Fasting

One: Boosts your metabolism. When your resting metabolism is boosted, it helps you burn more calories throughout the day, even when asleep. 

Two: By burning visceral fat The stubborn fat we have on our bodies is located deep around the abdominal organs. During a six-month fasting duration, people on an intermittent fasting diet could shed 4–7 per cent of their visceral fat. 

Three: It kicks starts ketosis

Ketosis usually happens under extreme limitations of carbohydrates. Intermittent fasting provides a shortcut toward this ultimate fat-burning state. Once the body is drained of glucose, the primary source of our body’s energy — it is forced to burn through fat reserves for energy through ketosis. Ketosis has the power to reduce inflammation markers, burn through extra fat and drop weight at a faster rate. 

Four: Lowers your insulin levels

Becoming more insulin sensitive should be your goal. Low insulin levels are the cue your body needs to switch to burning stored fat instead of glucose. 

Five: Improves cholesterol.

Fasting impacts your cholesterol by decreasing your levels of LDL and VLDL cholesterols. This is terrible cholesterol. However, it’s more apparent in obese people, who may also have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease; keeping your cholesterol levels in check benefits your health long term. 

Six: Reduces inflammation

Lowering inflammation markers is the key to weight loss and improving your longevity. You also benefit from reducing your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Fasting decreases oxidative stress and inflammation across the whole body. 

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