How Colours Can Help You Lose Eat Less & Lose Weight

I’m not sure how appealing this is, but it’s worth a try!

I’ve been scouring far and wide to bring you the most out-there weight loss techniques. I’ve not used this trick and would love your feedback. You can repulse yourself from eating food — or overeating using those excellent visual senses. 

How is that possible, you might ask?

 Get this — the colour blue makes us eat less often. This theory can be traced back to the caveman era. Blue is rarely found in nature. When you think about this fact, how many blue things have you encountered that you can eat (apart from blueberries & eggplant — I think they are purple)? The result of this is we haven’t developed an appetite for blue things. In the caveman era, food that contained blue, purple, and back were warning signs of potential poisoning. Back now to our way of life, studies have also shown that placing a blue light in your fridge, or adding blue lighting to your dining, reduces the chance of overeating, or snacking. Does that interior fit in with the look and feel of your kitchen? One thing sure is that most of us “eat with our eyes”, as the Romans first proclaimed. Have you ever met someone (or perhaps this is you) who looked at a particular food and refused to eat it? I know I have! The look, texture and consistency may have signalled a warning that the food may not fit your consumption. If you suffer from food allergies, you may get a visual and sixth sense warning about the plate of food you’re about to consume. This has happened to me several times.  These days, we don’t usually search for food to eat in open green spaces (maybe some of you still do). Instead, we’re more likely to find visually appealing foods on Pinterest, Instagram or other social media outlets. Our eyes are always attracted to the most delicious and appealing plate of food/s. That can bring on hunger cravings and encourage our natural ancestral urge to ‘seek the food we want.” But now, we don’t have to go too far when a craving comes about- as there is always an Uber delivery person ready and waiting.

How can we use our senses to eliminate snacking, overeating

One: Buy a set of blue plates that you can regularly eat from. Two: Use blue accessories like decoration’s, placemats or napkins on your dining room table. Three: Think about placing a blue light lamp close by when you are eating, or if you snack at night, turn it on to deter you from eating. Four: Better yet, why not think about getting a new internal blue fridge light? Five: This is a drastic measure, but using blue in your foods can probably put you off for life 

Try some blue eggs instead of the green variety. The image is taken from the Colour and Appetite Matters post. I thought I’d leave you with some visual closing. This is how you can use food colouring for a bit of edible fun (or you can prank your loved one for breakfast!)

Blue rice, anyone? The image is taken from the Colour and Appetite Matters post.

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