Five Reasons to Use Fasting For Fat Loss in 2022

Start the year off with a successful weight loss strategy

Weight loss is not a matter of eating less and or exercising more. It’s a matter of balancing your hormone levels to encourage your body to use food as energy rather than stored as body fat. We forced our bodies into the conditioning of storing fat from years of constantly overeating. This can easily develop into excess belly fat, diabetes and many other diseases. We are eating our way towards death. Intermittent fasting is one of the fastest and easiest ways to balance hormone levels and teach our bodies to burn fat for fuel. This is more than just an eating plan for weight loss; it’s centred on eliminating many diseases, preventing the formation of cancers and fighting the battle against ageing. The concept of feast and famine is not unknown — it’s a fact since Palaeolithic times! Why has this not been brought to life? But, it most certainly has been around, and people talk about it and partake in fasting daily — it’s just a matter of opening your eyes towards something a little unknown & trying it out for yourself. So many people are scared of not eating that it’s become stigmatised. Gone are the days when eating six small meals a day was the norm. The key to fat loss is LOWERING our insulin levels. How do we lower our insulin levels? By NOT eating every 2–3 hours. That includes snacking. It’s called the FASTING technique. Let me give you some simple, profound and science-based reasons why fasting works so well for longevity, fat loss, and disease elimination. 

You won’t lose but gain muscle mass

Fasting is one of the best ways to get leaner without sacrificing that precious muscle mass. Why do we need muscle? To keep our metabolism elevated. Calorically restricted diets are one of the worst diets around because you lose muscle mass and diminish your basal metabolic rate big time. I would constantly lose and put on weight when I used this diet strategy. But, there was never any stability. Being on the lookout to make sure I was always under-eating and over-exercising to compensate was exhausting. Not to mention ineffective! Save yourself the frustration. I think I’ve been through this enough for not only myself but the both of us. So if I can drum a vital life lesson to you, that would be to stop using the restricted caloric diet. Opt for fasting instead.

It’s so simple, easy and very cost-effective

I would spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on food and supplements back in my bodybuilding days. Now, I spend next to nothing — because I fast every day. Not only do I save money, but I also save my precious time by not preparing and cooking meals to no end. All up, that’s about 3–5 hours that are now mine per week. Think of all the more worthwhile things you can be doing instead! 

It lowers your insulin levels naturally — no need for drugs or weird shakes

Insulin elevates when we eat, triggering our bodies to store fat as fuel. Over time, this constantly happens, despite eating less food. When we stop eating, insulin plummets, triggering our bodies to burn stored fat as fuel. Your insulin levels have to be low to trigger fat burning. It’s as simple as this. To diminish insulin levels, skip either breakfast or dinner — that’s it. Ensure at least 12–18 hours between meals to get the optimal hormonal response (and fat burning). Note: If you have diabetes, please see your doctor before proceeding with a fasting plan. Fasting whilst on insulin altering medication can cause more harm than good. Don’t start this dietary plan on your own — work with your doctor for a safer and more successful result.

It decreases your rate of ageing whilst increasing the burning of fat stores for fuel

You would be surprised to know how many people pay to have artificial HGH. Why do so when you can trigger it naturally yourself! Our HGH levels skyrocket when we fast. HGH is one of the critical hormones for fat loss and gaining muscle mass (as well as maintaining muscle mass).

Increases your metabolism beyond what you thought was possible

People mistakenly believe that when you stop eating, your metabolism plummets. A plummeting metabolism is incorrect! The actual truth is metabolism increases. This makes a whole lot of sense because if you don’t eat, your body succumbs to using stored fat as energy, so you have the power to keep on hunting for your next meal. Think of how we’ve evolved as species and what used to keep us alive. It’s an evolutionary fact! There you have it. Fasting has been my ultimate weight loss, muscle building and optimal health success. I wish I had known the effectiveness of this lifestyle plan — it would have saved me years of frustration. If I can give you the gift of the right way to go about diet, weight loss and longevity — this is it. 

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