How can you do weight loss within 3 months?

Unfortunately, this is how long it takes my body to lose a small amount of body fat, so this time frame isn’t that realistic for me. But give that someone who hasn’t dieted before may need some sound advice, I’ll share with you some methods that have worked wonders for me. If you are similar to me – in that it takes you quite a while to shed that body fat – this post is for you!

Let’s get to it now. Follow some of the tips below (or all of them) to get faster results.

6 ways to lose body fat fast in 90 days or less

  1. Intermittent fasting. This is by far, the most predominant factor for my fat loss. It’s been a slow progress, but one in which has slowly developed from implementing the most nutritious food choices as well as exercise regime. Fasting is also beneficial for your longevity and health. It doesn’t surprise me how many people fast on a daily basis – and we all rave about the miracle results. Try starting off with a smaller feeding window, such as 12 hours. As you become accustomed to it, stretch yourself by shaving an hour or two off it. I did my first 24 hour fast the other day with my best friend. It was such a great experience. I couldn’t believe how much energy I had – well into the night. It was my most productive time. I will most certainly be doing this again.
  2. Eat more protein. Too many of us spend so much time stressing about food, that we don’t eat enough of the very thing that will help us achieve our goals. That is protein! You can have that intention of building muscle or losing body fat, you must eat enough protein – even more than what is technically the requirement. Why? Well, protein is wonderful at filling you up, it’s a thermogenic promoting fat loss whilst you digest it, and it also preserves and builds muscle mass when you are dieting. It’s by far, the best and most important nutrient you can eat. So do go forth and eat it – with portion control and regularly through the day.
  3. Lift heavy weights more often.
    Lifting weights should be a huge priority on your to do list when training. Using multi joint movements means that you work more muscles in your body, producing the best metabolic activity. That means you will burn more body fat than stand-alone isolated exercises. Put to work those lunges, squats, deadlifts, bench presses and pull ups. They can be challenging but take part in executing it until you get it right. The benefits out-way the frustrations, and you won’t believe how much stronger you will become. I would use these movements and train with weights 3–4 times per week and no more. The rest of the days are saved for recovery and allowing muscle to grow.
  4. Rest more.
    As above, rest days are essential if you want to develop muscle mass. Muscle shapes our bodies, makes us look leaner and helps keep our metabolism elevated. We need to allocate days in which we can still have some kind of activity, but at a very low impact kind of level. Think yoga, walking, Pilates or even meditation. I always choose walking more, as it helps me relax, get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.
  5. Give excessive cardio a miss. No need to put yourself through this one. If your die is up to scratch, then cardio should not even come into the picture. Instead, walk, hike or do anything active that requires some form of low impact. Keep this as your moderately active daily routine and put in a little extra when you aren’t lifting weights in the gym. Trust me on this one guys – too much cardio to out train a bad diet is totally the wrong way to go about things. You must watch your nutrition, that’s why I mentioned fasting. This way, you can afford to indulge sometimes, and not have to restrict calories and feel guilty like we all do on a low-calorie diet. Low calorie diets are not only boring, but they don’t even work. So please, give the cardio a miss, focus on your fasting times, and just weight train.
  6. And no more snacking. Fasting will put an end to this one, but when you spend a day eating normally, you may include some more calories to put you up to scratch for your weight training. This is fine – but I do want to point out that it’s the snacking which keeps messing up our insulin sensitivity. This is why fasting works so well at burning excess body fat – we stop snacking and allowing those insulin levels to normalise, working in favour for fat burning not storage. Keep this fact in mind and know that fasting is probably the only way to make you more insulin sensitive – apart from weight training. Every little bit counts when it comes to strategies for weight loss.

There you have it, exactly what I do now to maintain my weight loss, and what I did when I started on the path to losing those extra bits of body fat. Stick with the above, train with weights, fast, and more importantly – rest enough. You will get there. Have patience.
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