Five reasons why you’re wasting your time in the gym

When you have been training for most of your life, it’s easy to know why some people don’t change their body shape. This can go on for years, and that’s perfectly ok. Most people go to the gym just to become more active throughout their day. We all aspire to make fitness a part of our everyday life. Let me get down to the real deal when it comes to training. I’m going to refer to both weight loss and muscle building in this phase because those are the primary goals for most people. Not everyone wants to be a bodybuilder or prepare for a show. 

Five reasons why you’re wasting your time in the gym

  1. You’re not watching your nutrition. This is a big one for may people, and I was the type of person who would train in the gym to eat terribly. This will not allow you to lose weight or change your body shape, for that matter. Diet is critical for transforming your health and your body. It would help if you made it an essential part. I believe planning and cooking your meals is the best thing you can do. Look for recipes that are easy to make and also require a lot less time and ingredients. This is a good one here.

  2. You’re not using other types of exercise but sticking to just one. Everyone automatically thinks that cardio is the best way to weight loss. Yes, it’s good, but what about when the body fat starts shifting? What happens to the shape of your body? Sometimes it’s not a pretty sight, and then it takes even more time to make a recent change. Why not use weights in conjunction with cardio to lose weight and then change your body shape at the same time? Anyone who can do this can do it, and it’s very effective. I have used this method for longer than I can remember, and it always works – no matter what age group I’m in.

  3. You’re not consistent with your training. It’s essential to exercise 3–4 times a day and be active every day. This should become a routine for you and a constant habit. My best tip is to pick a day of day to focus on and finish your exercise as needed. The time should be uninterrupted and with a set intention on a particular program. This will help you to nail those muscle building and fat loss goals. Right, what you are doing now, and assess your progress. I did this a lot when I started, and I continue to do so. I like to see how much more weight I’m lifting and what’s given me the best results.

  4. You’re drinking too much alcohol. This is a giant killer at the gym. I smell so many people reeking with alcohol trying to sweat it out. Alcohol is toxic to your body, especially your liver. Having a drink or two for the sake of winding down or having a glass with dinner is an entirely different idea here. What I’m saying is that going on benders regularly will set you back. Not only will you need to recover from all the alcohol, but you will also have less energy, and all that excessive caloric consumption will head straight to the belly. Decide on what your goals are and stick to them. If you want to get lean, then you will have to cut down on your alcoholic consumption. The same goes for building muscle. You must focus on your nutrition by 100%.

  5. You’re not using your time effectively in the gym. This is a big one because I see so many people taking more extended rest periods than needed or scrolling through their phone non-stop. These can kill your training results and leave you wasting your time. The whole point of training within a gym is getting in there, working hard, and getting back out; set your intention the day before you walk into the place. Plan what your workout will be and execute it. There will be times when you may need to be flexible – and that’s ok. Just work with it and do your absolute best. If you feel that it’s not going to happen for you on that day, go anyway. When you push yourself to train, you will never regret the effort you made.

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