What kind of diet and type of exercise is actually useful if you want to lose weight and shape your body?

I run the risk repeating myself by answering this question. I think it’s beneficial for you either way, as I and many others have experienced huge benefits from changing eating and exercise habits. I can only speak from my own experience by following a plan consistently, researching and tweaking with it in order to fit within my lifestyle.

I do hope that it will be beneficial for you and anyone else taking the time to read this.

The weight loss and reshaping, results driven lifestyle eating plan.

I’m not good with diets, and I dislike reducing calories consistently. I feel awful, and my results in the gym become inconsistent and I tend to lose muscle easily. If you are like this, you will understand that losing muscle means your metabolism slows down and you begin the phase of the yo-yo way of life. You eat some, u gain some, and unfortunately it’s almost always eat away at your muscles. The fat seems to be going nowhere but accumulating around certain body parts.

This isn’t fun, and it’s really disheartening. I hope you are over this way of life as well.

The good news is that there is an answer!

The answer to your challenge is intermittent fasting

I’m sure you have heard of this lifestyle plan. You don’t even need to do it daily to get results. A couple of days a week is sufficient. I’ve been doing it daily, and can only sing praises for it in many ways. Let me highlight some of the key benefits of intermittent fasting.

What about the reshaping factor

If you intermittently fast and train with weights, you will experience amazing results. Some researchers believe that intermittent fasting may be more effective for maintaining lean muscle mass during weight loss than non-fasting diets. Of course, more research has to be conducted in this area (5), but I for one have experienced strength and muscular gains consistently.

The key to gaining lean muscle mass it to always ensure you are consuming enough protein on a daily basis. If you do this, and train well, you will experience muscular gains, as well as keep your body lean. It does require some diligent experimentation and consistent training. One must also limit the amount of cardio they conduct in favour of allowing the weight training and fasting to work it’s magic on your body composition

6 ways intermittent fasting helps you lose weight fast, and keep it off for life

  1. Lowers your insulin levels – making you more insulin sensitive. Low insulin levels is the cue your body needs to make in order to switch in burning stored fat instead of glucose (7).
  2. Boosts your metabolism. When your resting metabolism is boosted, it helps you burn more calories throughout the day, even when asleep or at rest.
  3. It kick starts ketosis. Ketosis usually happens under extreme limitations of carbohydrates. Intermittent fasting provides a short cut towards this ultimate fat burning state. Once the body is drained of glucose the primary source of our bodies energy – it is forced to burn through fat reserves for energy, through a process called Ketosis. Ketosis has the power to reduce inflammation markers, burn through extra fat and drop weight at a faster rate.
  4. By burning visceral fat. This is the stubborn fat we have on our bodies. It’s allocated deep around the abdominal organs. During a 6 month fasting duration, people on an intermittent fasting diet were able to shed 4–7 percent of their visceral fat (3) (4).
  5. Reduces inflammation. Lowering inflammation markers is the key to weight loss, and improving your longevity. You also have the added benefit of reducing your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Fasting decreases oxidative stress and inflammation across the whole body.
  6. Improves cholesterol. Fasting impacts your cholesterol by decreasing your levels of LDL and VLDL cholesterol. This is the bad cholesterol. Although it’s more apparent on obese people, who may also have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease; keeping your cholesterol levels in check benefits your health long term.

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