4 ways to keep your weight under control in winter

There are several reasons why we naturally gain more weight in winter than summer. The biggest reason for this is that we usually become less active within the colder months. Sometimes this is due to the colder temperatures, the inconvenience of bad weather, and more than likely our susceptibility to colds and flu. It’s also perfectly normal to want warm, hearty meals, rather than salads and fresh foods. It has been noticeably a lot more painful with the effects of Covid -19 all over the world, and with gym closures, lockdown and being forced to lock yourself at home, most of us would have definitely succumbed to some kind of weight gain.

Because I know all too well the hard time we all have during each and every season, I’ve compiled a list of a few different strategies I use to combat both weight gain and how to keep your momentum going during the winter months.

4 ways to keep your weight under control in winter

  1. Meal prep to ensure you eat properly and foods of high nutritional value. Use the weekend to plan your meals and batch cook for the week ahead. if you are back working in an office, prepare the meals and freeze. All you need to do is defrost them the night before you want to eat, and you have a ready-made meal that saves you so much time, and hundreds of added calories you don’t need (not to mention the junk like ingredients that most take away foods contain). Learn to cook simple and very nutrient-dense meals. I have plenty on my website. Click on the link below to check out the huge array of very simple and nutritious recipes.
  2. Exercise daily – it’s essential. Walk, exercise at home with the equipment you have, or go to the gym now that openings are starting to happen all around the world. It’s really important to keep active, to use the car less, walk more often and use our muscles by lifting weights. Strengthen your bones and ligaments by lifting weights 3–4 times a week. It’s a must if you want to build a healthy and strong body that’s lean and muscular.
  3. Intermittently fast – Fasting will help you lose weight and maintain it for life, as well as give you the most optimal health you will ever gain with any other diet. It’s easy to follow and requires only the commitment to not eat for a period of time. You really can’t get a diet that’s more simple and effective than this one.
  4. Consistency is key – You must be consistent with your food and exercise. Always work out on the days you can (no excuses) and make sure you take the time to prepare your healthy meals, rather than resorting to huge portions and take away options. You will save both your health and money in the process. Once a week should be dedicated to one, and only one treat meal. This can be take-away or something from a restaurant that you can enjoy with a friend or family members.

We only have to follow some simple and very basic steps during fall or winter, in order to spend less time in the summertime making up for the lack of planning and consistency. Always plan your goals for what kind of body you want to have, and how you will achieve this on a weekly and monthly basis. There are plenty of resources on my website, and I’m happy to answer your questions regarding any advice you may need.

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