Top 5 benefits of weight loss with Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is the best long term eating plan for weight loss and maintenance. It’s one of the most successful ways to lose weight as well. There is no yo you dieting, or excessively cutting back on the foods you love forever. In fact, your body will become more effective using the food you eat for energy – bypassing the usual fat storage situations in which diets can lead to.

Fasting isn’t some kind of packaged 3-month plan where you can dismiss it completely. It’s a lifestyle plan – and one that can be managed according to your own wants, needs and preferences. This is another reason why it’s so effective and allows people to experience great success indefinitely. Here are some amazing benefits below:

Top 5 benefits of weight loss with Intermittent fasting

  1. It works – unlike calorie restriction. Unlike caloric restriction, which is based on eating low calories every single day, fasting prohibits food consumption for a stretch of time, allowing the body to re-feed normally once it’s complete. This stops the body from eventually falling into the trap of induced starvation, which will reduce the efficiency of your metabolism. Short duration fasts allow the body to tap into its fat stores for energy, whilst elevating your metabolism. This is the natural process of fasting, and there is no other diet that is as effective. Although when you practice fasting, it’s advisable to eat as healthy as possible, it does allow you to balance your food cravings well, without experiencing negative consequences.
  2. It’s easy – just stop eating for a period of time. Fasting, in the beginning, is tough, but eventually, it will become second nature. When you begin to see the results, it will not be as challenging for you. The results are not only fat loss, but the elimination of certain disease, and inflammation. You can pick and choose the times you want to fast, starting with smaller amounts, and gradually working your way up to the longer stretches. It’s amazing how the body responds. You will feel a heightened sense of alertness and brain function over time.
  3. It’s flexible – just work it into your schedule and circadian rhythm. You can make fasting work for you, depending on your body clock, and when you feel most hungry. Some can’t part with their dinner, whilst others need to have breakfast. The great news is that the most effective time is the one that suits you. All the more reason to help you stick with this strategy for life, and not have to think about it at all.
  4. It’s sustainable – No more food wastage. Just think of it, you not only need to buy less food, but you can pre-make all your foods and eat when needed. Constantly eating during the day costs a lot of money, and we really don’t need to be doing this. It’s not a benefit to our health in any way. Buy what you need, and only that, then you will not waste or throw anything out. I bet your shopping trip will halve from this alone. Spend your time doing more productive things than shopping.
  5. It combats ageing – this is a natural age inhibitor. When we fast, the triggering of hormones is inevitable. Human Growth Hormone is a big one – most people usually pay for the privilege of accessing this. HGH diminishes as we age. Fasting is one of the best ways to trigger this hormone. Just so you know, weight training triggers HGH as well. Combining the two will be phenomenal for you. On a side note, HGH also activates fat burning. Not only will you be getting the muscle-building benefits, but fat burning as well! How wonderful is this?

There are so many benefits to fasting, that I could write many words on this alone. I just want you to see a few of the many benefits of this protocol, and then think about trying it for yourself. You don’t have to go to the gym (well, you can’t now!) but exercise does enhance your results. I would recommend at least walking as much as you can.

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