4 tips to help you lose weight that little bit faster

There are several things that could be going wrong here, or perhaps it’s a matter of your body having to catch up with the results that are happening metabolically.
There is no magical time for this to happen. From experience, it takes me several months (3–6) in order to see some very noticeable weight loss results. During this time, one can experience frustration, anxiety and want to give up. The reason why I don’t is that I know that changes take time to manifest. Just because I cannot see them in the mirror, doesn’t mean they aren’t happening or will become visible soon. Let me give you some pointers to keep you going.

4 tips to help you lose weight that little bit faster

  1. Vary your training. Perhaps you are doing the same exercise day in day out. Well, the body adapts to what you give it, and becomes stronger. You have to keep pushing yourself and increasing your capacity for intensity. Do something like HIIT or weight train as a means for differentiation. Watch how your body trains. Perhaps increase your training to one hour, and maybe throw in another hour of walking during the day. These small changes can make for larger results in the future.
  2. Intermittently fast. This is the best way I’ve found to lose weight and keep it off. Fast for different internal, and keep challenging yourself to go further and further. In due time, you will see some amazing results. Let’s also not forget how much our health can change in the process. We want to aim for weight loss as an aesthetically pleasing goal, but what about our health? Research has indicated for years that fasting is the key to longevity, fat loss and weight management. Try it out and see what it does for you.
  3. Protein is very important. The reason it’s the most important macronutrient is that it keeps you full for longer periods, and has a thermal effect due to how it reacts in our digestion. PRotein takes on many forms, and I love the power of eggs. They pack a punch in protein, vitamins and minerals, plus they are low calorie, filling and cheap. I eat eggs constantly, and I have no cholesterol or health problems. But don’t just look at eggs. We also have chicken, turkey and omega-three fatty fish. All sources of protein contain particular vitamins and minerals that we need daily.
  4. Incidental exercise. Don’t underestimate the power of exercising throughout the day, be it walking to the coffee shop, taking the stairs or walking to and from work. These all add up to your caloric expenditure during the day, and slowly, over time, have a powerful effect on your weight loss results. Think of creative and easy strategies you can use to achieve your weight loss goals faster. Don’t only include your 30 minutes of focused exercise, think of ways outside that window where you can do more to keep active.

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