5 ways to incorporate exercise into your day.

Adding exercise to your daily routine should be as important as brushing your teeth, eating and sleeping! Each and every one of us will be of better mental and physical health if we just give ourselves permission to schedule exercise.

A lot of people use the excuses that they are too busy, too tired or can’t be bothered. When it comes to your health, how can any of these excuses become a valid reason?

For those of you who use those 3 key reasons, let me point out some very easy and effortless ways you can incorporate some exercise to your routine, and get back to health. Remember also that once you start to exercise more, you may feel quite tired – but that will replace itself with elation, energy and vitality. Here goes.

5 ways to incorporate exercise into your day.

  1. Walk more. Instead of taking the car or public transport, aim to walk to work once or twice a week, or even part of the way. If this is impossible because of the long-distance, use your lunch breaks to get some of those much-needed steps in. Eat by your desk first, or better yet, go for a walk and then eat afterwards. Both methods work well. I prefer to walk after food, as it helps to digest and dissipates that feeling of heaviness in the stomach.
  2. Use the stairs and get up often from your chair. If you are walking from home, get up regularly to stretch or even do things like hanging your clothes up for drying, pace the floor regularly, or make yourself some green tea or coffee. Keep getting up often and regularly to get the blood flowing and invigorate you.
  3. Get to the gym in the morning. I find that a lot of people are too tired to get to the gym after work, or lunchtime workouts can become interrupted by meetings and deadlines. Once that starts to happen regularly, the routine disappears. This is why I schedule working out in the morning, THere is literally no excuse (apart from sleeping), no one can interrupt, call or bother you. It’s a time of clarity, focus and you are fresh and ready to go. Remember, morning exercise helps to set you up for a positive and productive day ahead. What’s better than this?
  4. Instead of shopping on weekends, go for a hike instead! Get some friends together, or even your family, and indulge in a long walk. Take your camera with you and make it a memorable one. What’s better than getting outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine? You don’t even have to hike in a rainforest. How about a beach hike, or even at a national park? Anything is better than spending time in shopping centres amongst fluorescent lights. Make a habit of getting outdoors on those beautiful days and really appreciate how great life is.
  5. Join a fitness group or club. So many people love being amongst others in a group setting. Now that we can expand our groups outdoors, schedule a convenient time and date to go out all together and motivate one another. It could be cycling, running or even a powerwalking group. Find something you enjoy and get to know some different people socialise and get into an exercise routine. I highly recommend some form of outdoor training, and you can even spend some much needed time with those friends you’ve missed due to lockdown. What a great way to laugh, catch up and get healthy again?

As you can see, it’s not that difficult to get exercise into your life. There is something for everyone, and you just have to be a little bit creative. Find what you enjoy and try it out.

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