30 days to weight loss with these 3 simple principles

You can get fast and excellent weight loss results by doing the following three things for 30 days

Although there is no foolproof weight loss process, I have found that keeping things simple is often the easiest way to make weight loss a lifestyle habit. The easier we make everything, the better it is to follow in our everyday life. Like you, I don’t want to fuss about too much with supplements, shakes and the like. It messes up my digestion and causes all sorts of health issues. You may or may not agree, but I’d recommend speaking to a health professional before starting a supplement regime. Some of them may do more harm than good. I want to discuss three simple things you can become aware of and action during your everyday life to make the whole process easier. These steps are only for those who are in good health. If you are suffering from any medical conditions or are pregnant — I’m sorry. This article probably isn’t for you right now. For those that would like to try this, I’d love to know how you go along your 30-day journey. 

Step One: Skip a meal per day

Don’t do this if you have diabetes or have any other health issues. This step is to work out when you are the most hungry during the day. Is it in the morning or at night? Once you work out when you are more hungry, then skip the opposite meal. For instance, I’m always more hungry during the mornings, and my appetite diminishes from about 2 pm onwards. Therefore, it makes sense for me to skip dinner and eat in the morning after my workout. Many people can’t skip dinner as they get hungry during the night, disturbing their sleep patterns. If this happens to you, skipping breakfast and heading straight for lunch is probably better. Do this either 3–4 times per week. When you consistently skip that meal, don’t make up for the caloric loss by eating more. This is about eating your usual portions but perhaps increasing your protein and vegetable consumption instead. This will help curb hunger and keep your moods in check. For the first week or two, you might struggle — this is entirely normal. Your. The body is embarking on a re-set phase. Stick with it, and I promise you the results will be amazing!

Step Two: Increase your vegetable consumption

As easy as this seems, we don’t put enough emphasis on vegetables — especially the green variety. So why not increase your consumption by adding green smoothies and filling your plate up with greens instead of a tone of carbs. Whilst carbs are essential (and protein as well). Vegetables provide us with so many nutrients and help increase the rate of detoxification.It’s similar to giving your gut and digestion a bit of a head start with elimination. We need to keep our bodies in motion of eliminating toxins. These toxins are in our everyday life — from the foods, we eat to the cup we drink our coffee in. You would be alarmed at the amount you may be ingesting without even knowing. So do give your liver and digestion a boost by adding more vegetables into your diet and seeing your stomach shrinking and body fat diminishing in the process.

Step Three: Before you buy anything, read the label

Are you a label holic? I know I am! I also check to see what kind of ingredients are in the item. Refuse to eat anything that contains these toxic ingredients

  • Vegetable or seed oils
  • Sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup
  • Aspartame, sucralose, saccharin & acesulfame
  • MSG
  • Food colouring (Blue 1, Red 40, Yellow 5 and Yellow 6)
  • Sodium Nitrate
  • Artificial Flavouring

From this list, you may have gathered that most things we buy contain either one or several of these toxic ingredients. I’d recommend bypassing the product and aiming for eating non processed foods and even heading into the kitchen to make your own. Making your foods and treats can be a pain. It takes time and effort — but you are doing this for your health and that of your family. What could be more rewarding than this very thing? I aim to encourage you to encourage simplicity and be more aware of the toxic ingredients in foods that could develop into ongoing inflammation. Too much inflammation inhibits us from losing weight and increases our chances of developing health problems now and later on in life. For instance, too much sugar in our diet can lead to diabetes. That can increase our chances of creating even more diseases on top of that. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer not to live off the need to take insulin and endless medication during old age. I hope this helps you make better choices for your lifestyle and increase your chances of weight loss and a better quality of life now and well into your long-lived future ahead. Here is to good health.

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