You should always avoid these 4 foods completely

We may mistakenly think these foods are safe — but they are wrapped in false flavour

There are certain products on the market masking themselves to be a better alternative that saves time and adds deliciousness to our lives. Although this might be true, the real truth is that convenience is sometimes wrapped in additives like refined sugars and excessive chemicals. What we may think is good for us, sometimes turns out to be the opposite When you are eager to bypass the “make it yourself” alternative, avoid the options below (as they are most likely in most peoples shopping baskets).

One: Protein bars (some of them)

The number one reason most protein bars taste amazing is that they contain a whole heap of sugar. Perhaps they have a massive amount of protein, but you will be surprised to see just how much sugar it contains when you look at the nutritional label.Sugar inhibits your weight loss results and doesn’t do much for building muscle. You are better of eating some lean protein or a protein shake after a workout (if you are starving, that is). Save your appetite for a good meal that has nutrient value.

Two: Tomato sauces

Unfortunately, most canned tomatoes or sauces contain more sugar than anyone should have in a year — let alone a day! Although these may be a great dinner fix when you just got home from work, tired, and can’t be bothered — I beg you not to do it! It’s so much better to grab a glass jar and make your own! I chop up my real tomatoes, salt and an endless array of herbs, garlic and onions. It’s very delicious and makes the perfect sauce for anything when left to simmer for a while! May I suggest using fresh or dried herbs instead of sauces? You can make your sauces of any kind using appropriate ingredients. I use a lot of dried herbs — it makes the produce and vegetables tender and extremely delicious. 

Three: multigrain things

When looking at a cracker, which many of us munch on to keep hunger at bay, are made with refined ingredients and sugar. I still cannot understand why a savoury cracker would have any sweetener added- but as usual, everyone wants to make foods addictive and get us to come back buying more. Do some research and compare when you are buying snacks. Label comparison is a must here! Read labels with a magnifying glass if you have to! This is the health we are talking about. What ingredient did you use that was riddled with sugar? I’d love to know the consensus.

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