Why does it take so long to gain muscle mass?

Oh I feel your pain! I always ask myself, why do I lose muscle faster than it takes to gain it!

Our genetic make up determines how much muscle mass we can build over the years. If you are a naturally lean person, you will have to work a lot harder to build mass. I am an ectomorph/mesomorph, which means that I am lean but build muscle relatively quickly. The catch is that you have to know what program is best for building muscle. To build mass you must also be consistent in working at it every week ensuring your nutrition is effective for your muscle building goals.

Do some research to determine your body type, and then research again on what program would be best for you. Your training should be varied, but also keep your goals in mind.

I’ll give you some simple tips on building mass below. Reach out to me if you need a personalised program.

7 ways to build muscle fast

  1. Train to failure sometimes. Keep lighter weights nearby to finish off the lasts reps until you can’t pick up the weight anymore.
  2. Watch your temp. Ensure you use slow and fast tempos during your sessions. Each tempo ensures you trigger different muscle fibres, therefore enhancing growth.
  3. Focus compound movements (yes they are hard but rewarding). 
    You aren’t going to gain size by using the leg and back extension machines. Get in there and squat, dead lift, bench and pull your body weight. There is no better way to gain strength and size by doing those challenging movements.
  4. You should avoid cardio for now. Anything that’s strenuous to your body or increases your cortisol levels, should be put on hold. Cardio is a big muscle eater, and doing too much of it is detrimental to your goals of putting on muscle. Whilst low impact activity is fine, running or spending hours on the track is not recommended!
  5. Improve your technique. Try hard not to cheat with any movement. Use the full extension and flection of the movement. This is the only way you are going to get the best benefits out of it. If you are struggling, please lower the weight. There has to be a number of repetitions performed in order to build muscle mass. Make sure you hit those numbers and beyond (with perfect form!)
  6. Rest as best as you can. Life does get in the way, but chose the way you spend your weekends and evenings wisely. Late nights and drinking binges are not going to help with your lifting goals. Everything in moderation. You are allowed to have fun.
  7. Protein. I think I’ve written something similar so many times. Sorry for repeating myself, but protein is essential! Make sure you are getting enough of it, and not over compensating on it either. For you, eat whatever protein you like, but keep in mind the source that is going to give you the highest rate of protein per portion. I would opt for steak not sausages.
Best form of protein around.

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