What is your favourite strength exercise?

I actually have 2 all time favourite exercise, in which I do so as much as possible. For all the ladies, I want to tell you just how awesome deadlifting and squatting really heavy, is key to developing an outstanding physique, as well as strengthening, toning and eliminating cellulite on our lower bodies!

We all know how difficult it is to get rid of that dreaded cellulite, or untoned portion that’s usually at the back of our legs and our backside. Well, these two exercises are the golden nuggets of leg development.

Deadlifting – The best way to reshape, and tone your legs ladies

A lot of people, especially new to weight training, are automatically scared of this lift, yet it’s the simplest, and most effective one you can ever do (and the safest, if executed properly). I recommend that you look for as many technique tutorials online, through YouTube or any other training magazine available. Start small, and don’t be scared to fail many times, before you get the technique correct.

One thing you can do is find a hex bar (ask a trainer or gym staff if they have one). This one is a bar you actually get into, with handles on the side. This actually forces you to correctly execute the movement, by forcing your body to get into the proper positioning. It’s more so useful for quad development, but still a great option when starting out. Once you get the hang of this, there is no stopping you!

Don’t ever be afraid of putting a lot of weight on the bar. Too many people lift below what they are capable of. By doing this, you wont achieve the necessary stimulus to increase your muscle mass, strength, or bone mass. It also wont expel enough of a caloric burn to make it worthwhile. The worst thing that can happen is that you may not be able to execute as many reps as you had in mind, but that does not matter. Aim for 6–8 reps, and increase your sets to get the required volume. Slowly, over time, you will be able to do more and more, and add weight to it. This is always a gradual, yet necessary process in your strength development. One day, you will notice your legs changing shape, and your body fat diminishing. It’s a wonderful feeling, and well worth the hard work involved!

Squatting – The best way to reshape, and tone your booty!

I don’t get as much of a buzz squatting, as I do with deadlifting – mainly because it’s very limited on how much weight you can put on the bar. That’s not a bad thing, because each and every lift you perform is in fact, a stepping stone to going heavier and heavier as you get better.

There are so many variations to squats that I love, such as the one-and-three-quarter squats (best for the bootie development) as well as split squats, elevated heel squats and hack squats. Swapping and changing stimulus will enhance your leg and booty development – so use them to their full potential as much as you can.

Make sure you aim to go all the way down with your squats, as this will activate the glutes much more than partial squats. It will also strengthen your hamstrings, quads and thighs in a more systematic manner, producing better athleticism.

You could even try power cleans and snatches, as they require a huge shot of power from the glutes. Power moves serve their purpose too, in shaping the glutes in order to generate more power and force quickly. These muscles are harder to train any other way, so you are hitting them head on with snatches and cleans.

I urge you to get in there and give these two primary moves the attention they deserve, whilst also alternating between the different variations you can execute. They are by far, the best exercise I’ve used most of my life to reshape my lower body, as well as building strength and muscle. Once you get into it, it’s an addiction, and a huge milestone every time you add on the weights! You won’t regret one day of it.

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