Three Easily Adaptable Weight Loss Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

All you need to do is apply them for optimal weight loss and maintenance.

It may surprise you to know that some weight loss techniques will give you a lot more leverage than the average person. So many people still indulge in the notion of monitoring every calorie in and expending more energy than what they have to ensure they pay for all those consumed calories. If weight loss worked like this, we would be lean all year round and never have a weight problem. Dieting for years on end can cause problems for you too. Our fat stores can become resistant to letting go of stored energy, just in case we surprise them with another diet. I can’t tell you how frustrating this is, and all it boils down to is not understanding our bodies well enough to move towards the most logical and holistic way possible. Weight loss isn’t the only key factor here. We need to make sure something is adaptable right now and for the rest of our lives. I don’t know about you, but those days of losing and then putting the weight back on are not part of my story anymore — I’m over that. I don’t blame my body for wanting to hold onto fat. The body is only reacting in the way it’s programmed to — through genetics. Our bodies are so miraculously meticulous in their operations that they will keep on trying to hold onto every last attempt at keeping you alive. Here are three things that will help you supercharge your weight loss results forever — and they aren’t rigid either!

Hack one: Intermittently Fast

Most people obsess about the calories in foods, and therefore, probably never eat enough to sustain their energy towards optimum levels. If you have no energy, you won’t be able to do the necessary activities to decrease your weight. It’s all about the quality of food, rather than the quantity here.But what if I told you that there is a way to naturally eat fewer calories — without disturbing the efficiency of your metabolism & decreasing your energy? What about the fact that all of this will lead to weight loss. That’s the magic of intermittent fasting! Let’s talk about hormones to give you a rough idea of the vast power this lifestyle has. Weight loss is due to your hormones working efficiently. Fasting helps to regulate those necessary hormones that we need to lose and maintain our weight loss. Better yet, we support our muscle growth too! When you stop eating for some time, your body’s level of insulin decreases. Eventually, the body will need fuel to run its regular activities and supply you with energy.When those insulin levels get down so low — to almost non-existent levels, the body eventually gives in and starts using your fat stores as energy. As you fast regularly for weeks, months and years, your body will become an expert at using the energy stored in fat cells easily. Think of this process as being a fat-burning machine in the making!That’s how fasting works in a few paragraphs. Lowering insulin allows fat cells to release energy for usage — therefore shrinking them. That’s how your shape gets smaller. This is fasting! No extra supplements, foods or earth-shattering activities to fuel this. Skip breakfast or dinner — and that’s it! Easy.

Hack Two: Eliminate the cardio obsession and lift weights

People automatically assume that endless amounts of cardio lead to weight loss.Perhaps that is the case, but your metabolism, bone and muscle mass will take a downturn. Here are three reasons why weight training is one of your best options for weight loss and maintenance over your lifetime:

One: Lifting weights increases your muscle mass, which ignites your metabolism day and night.Two: Weight training increases levels of essential hormones which are involved in fat burning and metabolic rate. That leads to your body being able to better access fat stores for energy and gives your metabolism a boost by 10 per centThree: Over the long term, weight training makes you a lot more mobile. That will naturally lead you to become more active, which increases your energy level expenditure.

Hack Three: Quality-driven nutrition with purpose

To an extent, we do have to lower calories also enough to decrease our body fat levels. But this is not the primary ball game here. So many of us have eaten a low-calorie diet for too many years, and eventually, that stopped working. Perhaps it even made you put on weight (this happened to me!). Therefore, I encourage you to intermittently fast, lift weight and channel your nutrition differently. That way forward is to pick high-quality foods that will nourish and support your goals and give you better health and longevity in the long run. If you must follow a nutritional plan, the best one is the Mediterranean diet. But, if you are keen on skipping meat, then a vegan diet should be a lot more flavoursome to you. Perhaps you like to adopt a bit of both? This is a flexible approach. Focus on lowering your animal protein intake and encourage a lot more vegetables and pulses into your life will make a huge difference.There are specific ways in which pulses should be cooked if you have digestive issues. But, speaking from experience, I have had to use trial and error to work out what’s best for me. The end goal is to eat a diet rich in live food and less inclined towards processed foods and hormone-filled meats. As soon as I eliminated red and white meat from my diet, my bloating settled, and I stopped having so much gas, indigestion, constipation, & joint aches.

Try out meat-free days twice a week and see how much of a difference it makes to your whole body.

Too harsh? How about vegetarian days every so often? The more plants you can eat, the better off your health, energy and longevity will become. These three things alone have helped me overcome so many health and digestive issues. I no longer follow the traditional, clean-cut ways of doing anything and choose to listen to my body and what works in its favour. Since I started fasting, I no longer obsess or crave certain foods; I am in control of my hunger, and I’ve never in my life had such positive blood results. So if you, too, are having trouble losing weight, feeling bloated, or have had enough of diets and endless cardio plans that don’t work, please try these methods. What have you got to lose, apart from weight and old habits that don’t work for you anymore?

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