How can I continue being fit if my gym has been closed?

This is a great question that I’m going to have to ask myself very soon! It’s very unfortunate what is happening all around the world today and the reality is, it’s only a matter of time before countries beginning to enforce complete shutdown of business as well as isolation for all of us.

Having to stay at home makes exercise quite hard for us, as a lot don’t have that much room to move around in or haven’t got the pleasure of a backyard.

Lifting options to get you through

If you are allowed to get around still, then you have the advantage of purchasing some relatively inexpensive gear to get you through this period

Top 5 self-isolation essentials for indoor training (in confined places)

  1. Resistant bands: a good option for maintaining muscle mass and the resistance can be changed with the variety available. Usually, finding a packet with a variety of resistant grades is cheap, and can provide a great workout at home – and you can take them anywhere with you. All you would need is somewhere to wrap the resistance band around, and a little bit of room so you may move around when it comes to lunges, leg lifts, upper body pulls or even abdominal workouts. Usually these packs come along with some exercise you can do, in order to get the very best out of them. I’ve got quite a few myself, which I will probably have to take out and use soon!
  2. TRX Bands (the total body workout): Now, these require a little more space, and possibly a doorway (but you can conveniently tuck them away when not in use. They provide some of the best body weight and cardio exercise around, subject to small space allocation. You can easily do most kinds of HIIT training, cardio training, and unilateral training. I actually love these and have been using them for many years. It’s always nice to change up your workout routine regularly, and these most certainly tick that box. There are plenty of online resources to get your creativity flowing. Think about ordering some online, before everyone else starts the trend.
  3. Fat grips: In order to buy these, you would need some barbells or dumbbells. if you have a chin up bar, wow, are you going to get some massive growth! These provide immense resistance, and you don’t need to use a heavy weight at all. In fact, you are better off with lighter weight to start off with. These will enhance our grip strength, increase your muscle size and make you stronger overall. Try doing chin ups when you have fat grips on the bar – I guarantee you these will amplify your growth 10X!
  4. Skipping rope: What a cheap and easy way to continue on with some mild or high
    intensity cardio, without causing too much damage. I would go for a good brand that is durable and can get you up to higher speeds to burn more calories and increase the strength in your body. You can use these in conjunction with any of the above for best results. Always include variety in your home workouts, so that you push your body at all times and get the best results.
  5. Bodyworks slides: These are awesome for strength, cardio, stability and core movements. It helps transition into those optimal ranges of movement, without a problem and they are tough! Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of these gliders.

Although it’s not the best situation to be in, at least we can try to plan ahead, and purchase some small and inexpensive pieces that we can regularly use from home, or when we are travelling. All of these items will never go to waste if you continue to use them regularly – and they play a huge part in making you fitness journey a lot more versatile, fun and you get gains as a result!

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