Five Ways Napoleon Hill Taught Me To Create A Mindset For Success

One thing that became a consistent topic was the most famous success book of all time. It’s called Think and grow rich by napoleon hill. You have probably been encouraged at one time or another to read the book.
The funny thing is that I read the book, and all of its valuable contents went straight out the back door? Why? Possibly because I just wasn’t ready to hear it yet.
It wasn’t until I understood that my mindset had to shift — I revisited it one more time.

In this case, I was the proud owner of the principles of success course. It’s the original recording of Hill lessons during the 1920s. Even though it was so long ago, all of the theories, concepts and ideas relate to us in 2021. I have no doubt it will continue to have an impact well beyond my own time on earth
Why was this version so much more profound for me and powerful enough to make a change? Quite possibly because Hill himself was speaking, and his words are highly effective for me.
With energy, intention and spirit. You can’t help but find yourself moved by someones words backed with a high level of emotion. The auditory experience far surpasses the reading of any books.
I wanted to share the five things he taught me by listening to the principles of success and how profound these changes are becoming in my mindset & actions.
It works so well. I urge you to try it too.

Number One: Define your purpose

One thing that has always thrown me off is knowing my one and the true chief aim — my purpose.
I am like most creative people and have several aims going off in my head at the same time. As you may guess, this doesn’t add up to anything successful.
If I thought about this theory and went back to a time when I had an aim, all my efforts, intent and focus was on that one thing. Nothing else mattered — and that’s the way I started to build success.
It was always a step by step process, and one thing led to another.

For this lesson, I made sure I had one aim & that’s it.
I assured myself that it’s perfectly ok to discover it may not the pathway for me. I am well and truly over perfection paralysis. It drives me crazy! If this purpose doesn’t work, then I can get another one, and then another. I forced myself to pick one thing for now and run with it.

Number Two: Faith in yourself

Yes! This is a big one!
How many times have you second-guessed your ability towards achieving something you want?
Did you have multiple conversations in your head about why it won’t happen? Is it any wonder that it doesn’t? When you define your purpose, you must back it up with a substantial amount of faith. That faith is in your innate ability to believe in yourself enough to see it through, despite not knowing how the hell to do it.
Scary thought, isn’t it?
Have you been so petrified you go around in circles just trying to avoid something?
This is your chance to believe deep down within yourself that you can push through the fear and come up on top. All you have to do is use your mind a lot more. Most of us have forgotten to do this.
So what if you fail? Is it really a failure or your concept of it based on mainstream media?
There is no failure if you learn something and use it the next time you try again.  In the seed of failure sprouts success.
No one is going to hand you faith or keep your spirits up when the going gets tough. Build inner trust in yourself knowing you have the resources and capabilities available to achieve anything.

It’s only within the seeds of the adversary that the person inside of us who was asleep suddenly wakes up.

Number Three: Thinking of the things you want every minute of the day

This is an adamant one, guys! I find it so hard to think of the things I want 24/7.
Those negative thoughts and stupid arguments I have with myself seem to crop up unexpectedly. Now, when I have a negative view, I catch myself out and change it to something positive. This takes so much effort!
One thing I do find difficult is channelling the positive thoughts since my mum was diagnosed with cancer. I believe I am writing about this because it takes enormous strength to stop thinking of the heartbreak to come and focus on love.
To help me combat this, I train with weights, and I wrote — a lot. It’s my saving grace.
I’m grateful for those special moments with mum and enjoy them one day at a time.

That’s all you can do. There is no sense in developing mind madness of how I will feel when death arrives— that causes distress and the inability to enjoy that moment I’m now experiencing. There will never be a moment like that again.

Number Four: Go the extra mile for people and your job

If you want to get paid more than what you currently earn or get more clients, it should be your chief aim to go the extra mile (or, as they say, over-deliver on what you’re currently doing).
As you keep working on this, you prove to be a highly valuable commodity, and therefore, will never be looked over for a promotion or questioned when you start to charge more for your services.
Always go the extra mile and do so with a smile and the intent to help people. I always make sure that despite how another person’s attitude is towards me, I stay calm and composed — always going out of my way to help them. That person will be very gracious towards you, and that builds trust, loyalty and a bond.
If you help people achieve what they want, you will surely get what you want in the end.

Being of high service is what will set you apart from anyone else in your community or organisation. Even if it’s doing something you aren’t skilled at — help as much as you can. It will make you feel so good about yourself as a result. Think of it as gold universal law nuggets that you can accumulate towards attaining your purpose.

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