Spend $0, Lose Weight & Get Your Health Back — By Doing This One Thing Daily

For many years, I was on several different diets – all of which never seemed to work.

I can’t even recall how much money I spent trying to make all these diets a success. There isn’t one of them that didn’t require specific foods, supplements and personal trainers. The catch is that once you do one thing, then it’s important to follow through with the rest of the instructions. You do this only to attain the best results possible. It can become an endless battle trying to keep on top. All of these rules, regulations and restrictions would frustrate me. During my bodybuilding diet phase, I was eating excessive amounts of protein. As you may guess, this added up to the overall grocery bill quite substantially. We’re not talking veggies and all the good stuff that comes out of the ground. It had to be game cuts of protein, lots of chicken breast and expensive steaks. It was enough meat to make anyone sick. To top it all off, not only did I have huge expense to look after each month, but I was at a point during each phase where things stopped working for me. It didn’t matter what I did; losing weight or gaining muscle was starting to falter. It wasn’t so much the food, but the inadequate care and consideration have taken to the body’s recuperation on all fronts – including the excessive food. When I think about it now, all those horrible things I put my body through really took their toll. No wonder I couldn’t lose weight for 7 years. My body had enough and wasn’t going to allow it to happen again. It wasn’t until I had a conversation with my best friend about all my dieting woes and how I was sick and tired to death of looking bloated, lacking energy, and I didn’t want to spend any more money on supplements or any recipe books anymore. She laughed and proceeded to tell me about her current weight loss journey. I knew she also had the same problems. We blamed it on being in our 40’s and that it was all going to go downhill from now on – but things for her had turned. She urged me to try out her method and that so many people used it, and everyone got results. What did I have to lose apart from the weight I had put on. And to that, I said YES! How right you are, dear friend. I need to try something different, and this is basically in our genetic make-up to work. Why haven’t I tried it sooner? Mainstream media sucked me in on all those hyped up diets – that in the end left me broke and fat – not to mention unhealthy!And with that, I committed to stick with this plan and see what changes it would make for me. Boy, the changes it made – and in less time than ever before. That’s right, I got results within a week (as she had initially promised me), and then month by month, I would progress, until one day, I looked in the mirror and noticed just how much weight I had lost. How did this happen so suddenly? I did this all with no dollar spent – NOTHING. NO protein bars, shakes, pills or organic cuts of protein. Absolutely nothing. All I did was utilise what I already purchased for my family, ate normally and just skipped a meal or two. In fact, I was actually SAVING money by not eating excessively. I was also saving my health, sanity and the planet in the process. What better lifestyle plan than one which benefits you and the planet? You may be asking what this particular diet is? Well, it’s straightforward, and it’s called Intermittent fasting. It’s been around since the turn of the 19th century, and it’s been known to cure sickness, disease and even cancer. Although there is a tone of research and some unanswered questions about fasting, you can’t dismiss the age-old theory working for millions. Did you know that there are thousands of people fasting right now as we speak? Most of them choose the simpler alternative, by either skipping breakfast or dinner – and that’s it! We can expand on this by only consuming one meal a day or completely fasting for several. The choice is ultimately yours. The main reason why dating works so well is that the art of not eating (no snacks, no chewing  – nothing) for a certain amount of time allows our insulin levels to go down; our fat cells then release their stored sugar. That is then used as energy. We lose weight constantly if we allow our insulin levels to go down.

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