Is working out in a gym twice a day helpful?

Twice a day training is a tried and tested protocol that really brings up the growth of lagging muscles, and something us bodybuilders have used for years as a great strategy. I myself have used it with great success, and although it does require a lot of fuel, it’s well worth bringing in twice a day training once per month, to really accelerate your growth. This training is not for beginners and should be attempted by those who have a relative amount of training experience. It’s also not a mechanism used for fat burning – that’s not the intention here. Twice a day cardio is for those who really need to diminish body fat for a competition, and I will not suggest this to anyone. It leads to metabolic issues later on down the track. If you are focusing on muscle growth, this technique is definitely for you.

Researchers suggest that double day training is so effective because it will increase neuromuscular function and lead to greater motor unit synchronisation so that the nervous system is able to co-activate numerous muscle groups to produce force quickly over and over.

If you want to get the best results from double day training, you need to ease into it with short workout sessions so that your body can adapt to the increase in intensity. Start off with about 20-minute workouts that’s spaced four to six hours apart. You can slowly increase this time in increments, leading up to 40- and 60-minute workouts. Don’t attempt a longer time as this will be completely counterproductive.

Structure your program so that you are working heavier in the morning, lighter weights and higher reps in the evening. For strength development, aim for 1–3 rep range in the morning, and evenings need to max out 8 reps.

Another great strategy is to train the same body part twice on the same day. Use multi-joint movement’s in the morning, and single joint movements in the afternoon.

5 nutrition essentials when double day training

  1. Make sure you eat enough – don’t train twice in one day if you have not had enough fuel.
  2. Keep your protein shake handy for post workout nutrition – you will need it if you are working at high intensities
  3. Only use double day training once or twice per month -watch your nervous system and take a break from it if you aren’t recovering well
  4. Allocate more rest days – remember that muscle grows when we rest.
  5. If you are unwell, extremely sore or experiencing high levels of stress at work, give double day training a miss

I hope these tips help you out and increase the acceleration of your muscle and strength building results. I can guarantee you will experience some great growth with this training, just make sure your nutrition is adequate. If you appreciate this, why not join me via my website or join me on fb and insta social. Please feel free to upvote this answer if it has been useful in some way to you.

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