What are some food combinations that I can use in my diet to boost metabolism and burn fat faster?

It’s actually restricting the time of the foods you do eat which boosts your metabolism more than anything else. Combining foods has no real effect.

Green tea, salmon, protein and avocado are just some of the foods which increase thermogenesis in the body, promoting caloric burn. This is only a reliable strategy when used in conjunction with overall good quality food in your diet. Just adding these haphazardly isn’t the answer.

What boosts your metabolism is Intermittent fasting. This strategy restricts food consumption during a particular time frame. You can drink water, coffee, tea and herbal tea, but not consume calorie rich foods. The hours you spend fasting matter as well. Going for the 20+ hour regular fasting mark has remarkable benefits for your health and fat loss. Let’s not forget the metabolic enhancement it produces.

When we think about boosting our metabolism, one must be aware of the huge role insulin plays. Fasting helps make us become more insulin sensitive, therefore increasing our metabolism. This is one of the most sensitive topics regarding weight loss. Not many people understand the effects that different foods have on our insulin levels. As you may have guessed, many years eating the wrong food choices, and filling up with highly proceeded foods, will eventually start to show itself though high levels of body fat.

In order to bypass the frustration, I urge you to do some further research on IF and try it out for yourself. You can combine many different types of food, but you will be chasing your tail if you don’t get to the root cause of the issue -which is insulin sensitivity.

Now remember – fat loss stall is most definitely always a hormonal issue. Once we get a hold of the reasons behind it, we can start coming up with proper, formulated strategies to help us get to our goal -weight loss and health.

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